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Music - H to P

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Hachazo - Segunda Parte: Historias Para NO Dormir CD
14 songs of brutal political punk from Spain. Label: React Records.
Head Hits Concrete - Thy Kingdom Come Undone CD
The first discography for this long-running grind outfit from Winnipeg. 47 songs total, including tracks from the split with Bodies Lay Broken, Hope, Fear, and The Terror of Dreams EP, split 10" with My Minds Mine, s/t EP, demo, live, and covers from Heresy and Crossed Out. Label: C.A.H. Records.
Hellblock 6 - Nuclear Age CD
A great mix of sludgy doom and faster punk parts, kind of has that dirty Alabama Thunderpussy feel, but sounding a lot more metal. Label: Worldeater Records.
Imperial Leather - Excuses for Future Fuck-Ups 7" EP
Now THIS is punk rock! Male and female vocals take turns on catchy street-punk fueled rock from this Swedish group. Label: Instigate Rehk'dz.
Inside Recess - s/t CD
Inside Recess comes from either someplace outside of Cincinnati, or someplace just outside of Hell. I can't really tell. What I can tell is that they play a hodge-podge (in a good way) of hardcore, grind, and metal, with all the screaming AND growling vocals you could need. One thing is certain: they always deliver on their promise of "Metal on Metal Action." Label: self-released.
Inside Recess/Existential Dilemma - split CD
Four songs of metal/hardcore fury from Inside Recess, and five songs of mostly atmospheric soundscapes from Existential Dilemma. Label: self-released.
Kill Your Idols - s/t CD
Newly recorded songs from KYI's out-of-print releases, including splits with The Nerve Agents and Full Speed Ahead. CD has covers from Krakdown, Sheer Terror, Slapshot, and Trip 6, plus that cover of "Empty Room" by some 80's band. Label: Grapes of Wrath Records
Kyre & Dunnarit - s/t 7" EP
What do you get when you combine classic-sounding Finnish punk rock with modern street-punk? Don't know? Then you should buy this record, and hurry, 'cause it's limited to 300 copies. Label: Hell's Tone Records.
Laughing Dog/Ear Bleeding Disorder - split 7" EP
Three songs from New Mexico's long-running metal/grind act Laughing Dog, and nine quickies from Ear Bleeding Disorder on the flipside. Label: Bad People Records.
Laughing Stock - Happenstance Chronology 7" EP
7" EP from Austin post-hardcore heroes. Three songs. Label: TFC Records
Luca Brasi - Fear Luca Brasi MCD
Blending Judge, Integrity, and Outspoken, Luca Brasi aims for your throat with this MCD. Crunching riffs, tight rhythms, and head crushing vocals. Label: Mad Mob Records
Manchurian Candidates - Between Reality and Shadow CD
Texas hardcore done right. Manchurian Candidates has releases on 625 and Prank! as well, but this one certainly rules the school. Label: TFC Records
Meataxe - Straightedge Thrash Violence CD
Well, the title probably tells you as much as you really need to know about this band, except for the fact that they have a wicked, sorta immature, sense of humor on these 17 songs. From Australia. Label: Snapshot Records.
Miles Between Us - s/t 7" EP
I'll let Short, Fast & Loud tell you about this one: "A new straight edge unit out of Canada and we are much impressed! Chugging along at a fast tempo, this stuff is just pissed off enough to warrant comparisons to Brotherhood or Chain of Strength. The anger this band conjures up makes this stand above a slew of mediocre sXe outfits." Label: Blatherskyte Records.
Mindgrab - Unlike You CD
Germany's Mindgrab brings to mind favorable comparisons to Hatebreed and Merauder with their sing-along vocals over crunching metallic riffs. Label: Mad Mob Records
The Mixelpricks - Complete the Grin CD
Celebrating 10 years of rocking out together, Complete The Grin might just be the finest work yet from The Mixelpricks. Pop-punk in the vein of Dirt Bike Annie, with those scuzzy punk rock guitars you love so much. Formerly on Mutant Pop. Label: Geekcore Records.
My Own Lies - Sounds Like An Accident 7" EP
Super-duper fastcore violence delivered to you from this German band, and even coming courtesy of a member of Stack. Not bad for one 7" piece of wax. Label: Hombre Lobo Records.
No Policy/Zach the Cuntry Wonder - split 7" EP
No Policy thrashes it up on their side, while Zach (from Scott Baio Army) provides 3 country songs on the flip. Label: Bad People Records.
Opprobrium Adornment/Melarat - split Tape
Opprobrium Adornment's last output (they're now known as Selfmadegod) is 11 tracks of throat-ripping powerviolence. On the flipside is nine songs of crust punk from Melarat on their first outing. Label: Cactus Distro.
Opus Dead/Tropiezo - split 7" EP
Split 7" featuring thrashy hardcore from Spain (Opus Dead) and straight-up hardcore from Puerto Rico (Tropiezo). Imported. Label: React Records.
Organ - The Cuts CD
3 bass players make Organ heavier. Witness the magic as Organ goes to Valhalla, and hear such AM radio classics as "I Wear the Goddamn Daddy Pants" and "She Has a Lot of Problems, But Fucking My Brains Out Isn't One of Them." Label: Underadar.
Organic - The Life and Times of Sal Sagev CD
A near discography, with new songs, from the long-running Las Vegas band. Organic plays catchy punk rock following along the lines of bands like Crimpshrine, Jawbreaker, American Steel, and that old Lookout! sound. Label: Geekcore Records.
Organized Hostility - Idolkill CDEP
Four songs of HEAVY metalcore, like a pumped-up and pissed-off Hatebreed. Free spin-kicks with order. Label: Camp Fury Records.
Phantom Limb - Veins of Unholy Capacity CD
13 tracks of brutally heavy, (somewhat) melodic death metal. Label: NotCommon Records.
Phillippe - The Essence Continues CD
This is the full-length album from Phillippe. Phillippe plays emo-hardcore in the vein of 400 Years. Definitely worth checking out. Label: Flowerviolence Records.
Plain - Bulldoze Your Dreams CD
Like the sound of the apocalypse itself, Plain's debut full-length combines high-speed thrashers with heavy slowcore, and enough mosh parts to keep even Billy Milano happy. Label: Mad Mob Records
Proof - s/t CD
Metal/hardcore in the vein of Biohazard. Label: Mad Mob.