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Music - R to Z

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Ringworm - Seven Inches the Hard Way 7" EP
NOT the metal band from Cleveland, this Ringworm hails from Jacksonville, Florida where they make a ruckus with their Poison Idea-influenced old school hardcore. These records are hand-numbered out of 500 copies, so get while the gettin's good. Label: Rat Town Records.
Scott Baio Army/The Lumps - split 10"
Denver's thrashiest thrashers Scott Baio Army dish up nine choice cuts. The Lumps (from Hanford) contribute 13 songs (NOT about skating!) on their side. Label: Bad People Records.
Settle the Score - Royal Flash CD
Debut full-length from one of Germany's finest. Settle the Score plays heavy hardcore in the fine tradition of Bulldoze, Madball, and Kickback. Label: Mad Mob Records
Shogun - Enter the Equation 7" EP
Top-notch metal with hardcore and jazz (!) influences from this Boulder five-piece. They only had three releases, and this might just be the best of 'em. Label: Chainsaw Safety Records.
Showering Ashes - Beauty at the Price of Vanity 7" EP
Five songs of raw, brutal crusty/metal hardcore from this recently broken up midwest band. Label: Scenester Credentials.
Silbato - s/t Tape
17 songs from this Italian group. Label: Bullwhip Records.
The Silence Action - The History of Romance as Told by an Empty Glass CDR
The Silence Action is a young band from New Mexico that plays screamy hardcore with plenty of tempo changes and jangly guitar parts. Sort of sounds like the crossroads of Thursday and Angels Never Answer. Label: self-released.
Someone Else's Problem - Everything Just Needs to Stop CD
This CD stands as the only official release from Someone Else's Problem. Hailing from New Mexico, this band combined the best elements of early Revelation Records with mid-period Victory Records, for what we liked to call "no-coast mid-school hardcore." For street cred, check out the Gorilla Biscuits cover. Members are now in Abandon All Hope, Damage Deposit, and more. Label: One Inch Punch Records.
Strong Intention/Solid Decline - split 7"
"Strong Intention burst forth with blistering over the top metal that is thick and powerful, with a dual guttural vocal style that creates the manic element. This is intense and urgent shit, with a really crazed power that leaves you winded. I like the thick metallic guitar layered sound better than the guttural chaotic vocal style. Solid Decline, from Germany offer up a couple more songs that go nicely in hand with their E. Thick heavy and powerful hardcore with the roar roar roar vocal style. Good shit, Good split." - Slug And Lettuce Zine. Solid Decline is ex-Y. Label: Vendetta Records.
Suara Anak Muda - Demo Tape
Seven-song Malaysian fastcore attack, including a Seein' Red cover. Pro-tape and cover with lyric sheet. Label: Cactus Distro.
Suicide Party/The Scarlet Letter - split 7"
Powerful hardcore played with a gritty intensity and strong vocals. Suicide Party features ex-members of Talk Is Poison, Cop Out, and Full Speed Ahead. Three songs by Suicide Party and two tracks by The Scarlet Letter. Label: Vendetta Records.
Sunrise - Blood Spills Everyday Tape
Polish vegan metal, heavily influenced by brutal Swedish metal. 20 songs spanning 3 CDs and some comp tracks. 60 minutes. Label: Cactus Distro.
Systemic Infection - s/t 7" EP
Screamy and fast hardcore from Chicago, with male and female vocals. Label: Killing Room Floor Industries.
Syzslak - Destroy the Light 7" EP
Sludgedoomcrustgrindmetalfuckers. 5 songs. Label: Worldeater Records.
Syzslak - I Am Misery 7" EP
5 songs of male/female fronted sludge/grind. Fast sometimes, incredibly heavy other times, and both more often than you might think. Label: Worldeater Records.
Three in the Attic - Now That We Have Television CD
Who doesn't like the rock? Three in the Attic certainly do. On this CD, they bravely straddle the worlds of punk and emo, while keeping things going with strong, catchy guitar hooks. Label: Happy Couples Never Last Records.
Torn Between - 5-Song CDR
Hailing from the suburbs of Chicago, Torn Between plays fast hardcore/punk in the vein of F-Minus, later Falling Sickness, or Leftover Crack. I think this is their second CD-R demo. Label: self-released.
Troma Kids - Lifesupport CD
The Troma Kids served as a linchpin of the New Mexico underground music scene for a number of years, blending together elements of punk, hardcore, metal, and emo into a unique sound. Lifesupport represents the last material that they recorded, and it reflects a maturity in themes and song structure. Members are currently in Jet Black Summer. Label: Abstain from Life Records.
Ulcerrhoea - Grind Over Minsk Tape
85 songs from Germany's grind menace Ulcerrhoea, recorded between 2000-2002. All are previously released on records or demo tapes, but it's all collected here. Pro cover. Label: Xerotika.
Unscum - s/t CDR
Unscum throws around the umlauts almost as much as they throw around some sick grind beats. There's also a low groove to a couple of tracks, similar to Bongzilla. Label: self-released.
Wojczech - Chronologic Discography 95-2002 CD
Well, the title helps. This is everything from this German grind/thrash band, compiling splits with Sarcasm, Groinchurn, Abuso Sonoro, Cut Your Hair, and 4 live songs. Label: Dratsab Records.