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Abandon All Hope/Frontside

Abandon All Hope tracks:
"I Saw You When I Glanced in the Mirror"

Frontside tracks:
"Waste Away"
"Burning Bridges"
"Gamera vs. Godzilla"

Special note: Somehow...stuff got messed up, so the labels on the record are actually reversed, therefore the side that says "Frontside" actually has the Abandon All Hope song, and the side with the Abandon All Hope logo has the Frontside songs. I think this happened becuase I'm a moron.

1000 copies
300 clear vinyl
700 black vinyl

$4 ppd US/$5 ppd World

Order here

info coming soon


Battle Royale - "Nichts Geht Mehr" MCD

Track listing:
"Mater Noster"
"Wie Tag Und Nacht"
"Einen Schritt Weiter"

1100 copies

$6 ppd US/$8 ppd World

Order here