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Abandon All Hope - s/t CDEP
Six songs from one of Mondo Man's favorite bands. Abandon All Hope hails from New Mexico and plays punk rock with definite metal influences. Label: De Rok Records.
Abandon All Hope/Varant Majarian/The Subjects - 3-Way Split CD
13 songs of fast old-school punk/hardcore with a good sense of humor from Varant Majarian (ex-Kung Fu Chicken), 4 songs of melodic yet harsh metal/hardcore from New Mexico's Abandon All Hope, and 5 Oi! anthems from The Subjects. Unique packaging gives you your choice of three different covers, so pick your favorite band and reprazent! Label: Chicken-Head Records.
Advocate - From Soil Laced With Lyme CD
Advocate, from Providence, RI, lays down some serious thrashy hardcore with enough grind parts to really keep things interesting. And yet, there's still that deep-rooted basis in punk. If that's not enough for you, keep in mind that Advocate includes members of Backstabbers, Inc. Label: Happy Couples Never Last Records.
Agents of Satan/No Less - Distorted Transmissions 7" EP
3 songs recorded in 1996 from Agents of Satan, 3 songs from No Less, circa 1994. Label: Bad People Records.
Aggro-Fate - This Aggressive Destiny CD
Full-length live recording from this New Orleans metalcore machine. Fans of the genre will not be disappointed - recommended to anyone currently listening to Buried Alive, Terror, Hatebreed, Blood In Blood Out, etc. Label: Camp Fury Records.
All is Suffering - s/t 7" EP
Two songs of metal/hardcore/grind/powerviolence/thrash from this Maryland band. First to order gets limited colored vinyl. Label: Scenester Credentials.
Allergic to Whores - 1331 Chaos Before Death CDEP
Allergic to Whores plays hardcore about as dark as it comes, while still maintaining an uncanny sense of melody to keep you from slitting your wrists. And to think something like this can come from Ohio! This CDEP is easily as good as either of their releases on Sound Pollution. Label: Darkfront Records.
The Alliance - In Love, In Honor, In Death CD
Heavy, straight-forward hardcore outta Michigan. For fans of Sworn Enemy, Hatebreed, and the like. Label: Grapes of Wrath.
The Alliance - ...Time Heals Nothing CD
Second album of breakdown-heavy straight-up hardcore from Michigan. Even better than the first one. Label: Grapes of Wrath.
Anal Thunder/No Redeeming Social Value - Have a Hangover With... 7" EP
Finnish punk rock played in the style of The Vandals (Anal Thunder) and New York hardcore (NRSV) collide on one record. Too good to be limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies, and yet it is. Label: Hell's Tone Records.
Anticops - Everybody Bleeds Tonight CD
Classic hardcore with all the trimmings: fast parts, mosh-inducing breakdowns, gang-style singalongs. You know you want some... Label: Mad Mob.
Apparatus - Another Night of Holocaust CD
Raw Scandinavian hardcore. Contains the "Raw System!" EP and the "Aparat Hardcore!!!" EP. Label: Disarmament Records.
Audience of the End - s/t 7" EP
Gloomy, doomy, sludgy, dark hardcore in the vein of all your favorites: Tragedy, His Hero is Gone, Deathreat, etc. Label: Killing Room Floor Industries.
Awkward Thought - Fear Not MCD
7-song CD. New York hardcore with some punk influences, for fans of Kill Your Idols. Label: Grapes of Wrath.
Barse - Better Be Ready 7" EP
'77-style punk from England. Limited to 500 copies on red vinyl. Label: Hell's Tone Records.
Battle Royale - s/t 7" EP
Germany's Battle Royale is many things, foremost among those being HEAVY. This one little 7" is heavier than a lot of full lengths I've heard. It would probably be easiest to call this band "metalcore," though in this case that's just short for "amazing death metal with hardcore influences." Label: Vendetta Records.
Battle Royale - Nichts Geht Mehr 7"
The follow-up to the self-titled EP is more metal than the predecessor. Vinyl has 3 of the 5 songs from the Mondo Man MCD with completely different artwork. Hand numbered and limited to 500 copies. Label: Vendetta Records.
Better Off Dead - Face Down CD
If you're into melodic hardcore along the lines of Propaghandi, Good Riddance, or Naked Raygun, then you'll probably dig the sounds coming out of this here CD from Better Off Dead. Label: Happy Couples Never Last Records.
Robert Blake/Erik Petersen - Bellingham and Philadelphia CD
A split CD from two folk-y anarcho-punks. Great singer-songwriter type music to listen to when you're sitting in a coffeehouse, trying to smash the system. Label: Art of the Underground.
Bloodwritten - Everything Beautiful Dies CDEP
Bloodwritten's 6-song EP from 2003 features their signature death metal sound with hints of black metal. Fans of American death metal should check this out.
Bloodwritten - We Live in Darkness CD
Full-length CD of heavy American-style death metal. You heard them on the Camp Fury Records comp, now pick up their full length.
Common Enemy - Late Night Skate CD
17 songs of thrash mayhem about skating, circle pits, and B-movies. CD includes live video footage. You heard 'em on the "Planting A Seed" comp, now buy the full-length. Label: DRP Records.
Cream Abdul Babar - The Catalyst to Ruins CD
Cream Abdul Babar plays heavy, dark, and moody hardcore that pounds away at your skull for several minutes at a time, before mellowing out with a soundscape, then starting the drill up again. Label: At A Loss Recordings.
Criminal Waste - Heaven & Hell CDEP
Heavy hardcore from Portugal, for fans of Madball, Sick of it All, Judge, or 25 Ta Life. CD features a video clip. Label: Mad Mob Records
Cripple Kid/Little Dipper - split CD
Emo/pop from both bands (5 from Cripple Kid, 6 from Little Dipper) for fans of Jawbreaker, Promise Ring, or Jimmy Eat World. Label: Geekcore Records.
Crispus Attucks - s/t LP
HOLY MOLEY! The first album from Crispus Attucks, finally released on vinyl and limited to ONLY 500 copies. Fast, thrashy hardcore with great lyrics. The LP comes with a re-vamped version of the zine they gave away at their last show. Label: Take It Back Records.
Damnation - Burn Em Like a Rat CD
Punk rawk! Think of a combination of The Misfits and the mighty Motorhead. Label: Anti.
Ebola Virus - No Redemption 7" EP
The ad calls this "anarcho-conspirator hip hop," so there ya go. Label: Art of the Underground.
Electric Frankenstien/The Strap-Ons/The Fux/Moral Minority - Split 7" EP
Whoa, doctor! Four songs from four amazing bands on one little slab of 7" vinyl. Great music, great full-color artwork...everything is GREAT! Buy it for the Electric Frankenstein. Buy it 'cause you like to rock. Or just buy it to fill that empty void in your life. Label: Valiant Death Records.
Eleventh Symphony - A Uniform Infinity of Homogenous Matter at a Low Temperature CD
Whether you want to call this emo-core or screamo or whatever, it's all the same to me. And this CD has it: jangly guitar parts, screamy vocals, and comparisons to Pg. 99, Seven Days of Samsara, and the like. 6 songs in about 60 minutes. Note: this CD has several different covers, so yours might not look like the picture. Label: Cobalt Room Records.
Eleventh Symphony - Stimulate, Destroy, Restore 7" EP
5 emo-core/screamo songs on one bright orange piece of vinyl, that's as sure to please as a sno-cone on a hot summer's day. Label: Cobalt Room Records.
Elision - Nephilim CD
This one'll satisfy all your metal and hardcore needs. A blend of influences from Unbroken, Botch, and Neurosis. Label: Mad Mob.
Elora Danon - Point.Line.Plane. CD
This CD has 6 nice, mid-tempo indie/emo songs. The artwork is kind of minimalist and very nice. You can't listen to screaming and blast beats all the time. Label: Blackbear Records/Fish and Chip Records/Outreach Records.
The Facet - Playing Second CD
15 songs of scrappy, poppy punk rock from Colorado's now-defunct The Facet. Members from the band went on to form Contender, and there are even guest vocals on this CD from Dave Paco (Paco Garden Records, The Messyhairs, Deadlock Frequency, etc). Label: Dill Records.
FKS/He Who Corrupts - split 7" EP
Two songs of mathy/metal/hardcore insanity (similar to Cream Abdul Babar or maybe Coalesce) from the Quad Cities' finest, FKS. Three songs of Wall Street grind from He Who Corrupts. Label: Take It Back Records.
Flaccid Trip/William E Whitmore - split 7" EP
Flaccid Trip contributes one track of "chilled out noise experiment" and William E Whitmore serves up one song of country-ish, bluesy, folky punk rock. First order gets limited colored vinyl. Label: Scenester Credentials.
Flowers and Cops - The Invasion of Everyday Life CD
Melodic, political punk rock often compared to Propagandhi, Fifteen, or Strike Anywhere. Label: Geekcore Records.
Forward Defence - Rest in Violence 1995-98 CD
Discography-type release from Australian hardcore heavyweights Forward Defence. 41 tracks, including covers of 4Skins, Agnostic Front, Voorhees, Youth of Today, Minor Threat, Uniform Choice, and Poison Idea. Label: Snapshot Records.
Godstomper/Wuzor - Split 7" EP
Holy grinding grindcore, Batman! A mess of new tracks from two-man grind menace Godstomper, and a couple from Wuzor. Label: Wolfman Records.
Good Morning - s/t 7" EP
Political punk rock from Minnesota. Peace, Equality, and Anarchy are the themes here. Label: Dilapidated Records.
Good Morning/Death First - Wake Up and Die 7" EP
Good Morning plays political punk rock with elements of thrash, hardcore, grind, crust, and peace punk with screamy-type vocals. Death First is similar, with more of a slant toward anti-homophobia songs. Label: Dilapidated Records.
Good Morning/The Lush Workers - Split 7" EP
More political punk rock from Minnesota's Good Morning. On the flipside we've got The Lush Workers (also from Minnesota) sounding pretty similar, but kicking the melody up a notch. Label: Dilapidated Records.
Good Morning/Straight to Your Brain - Together at Last 7" EP
Good Morning is back with another dose of angry and frustrated punk rock, with some crusty and thrashy elements. Straight to Your Brain comes from similar territory, with the occassional ska riff, like Falling Sickness. Label: Dilapidated Records.
Groinchurn - Already Dead 3" MCD
I dig these cute little 3" CDs. Of course, the size is the only thing cute about this CD...compiling tracks from EPs, including covers of Brutal Truth and Bad Brains, Groinchurn's "grinding South Africore" more than makes up for the meek size of this release. Label: C.A.H. Records.