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Big news from Mondo Man Records: Battle Royale will be touring the United States this September. We've hooked up with a really awesome band called Organized Hostility from a really awesome label called Camp Fury Records to tour with for about three weeks in September. The tour will hit up a good chunk of the east coast and the midwest, so all of you that live in the area, definitely come by and check out the shows. Tour dates will be posted as they're confirmed. If you live in this area and want Battle Royale and Organized Hostility to play in your town, get in touch:

The whole site will soon be looking a little better, or at least a little more cohesive. There will also be new distro items, including underground comix and zines being added in the next month, and then we'll hopefully get on a schedule of getting in new stuff EVERY WEEK.

Mondo Man Records now accepts Paypal for orders. All that info is on the orders page, which you can get to by clicking on the button below.

Finally, we're getting some new releases lined up. Stay tuned. Things are getting rolling again around here.