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Contact Releases(at)ffrmusic(dot)tk if you wanna trade/buy a physical release
Unless trading, $2-3 USD will be added for S/H, depending on location.
Releases are also available at most shows - some in alternate versions.

FFR071 Pterri Is Dead: Pterri Is Dead (CD-R)
[harsh noise/power electronics]
30+ minutes of harsh analog noise with power electronic touches.
Spray-painted disc in paper sleeve (hand-written data). 46/50 available. $5 USD.

FFR070 RedSK: Spin/Snowglobe (mp3) [71MB]
[harsh noise]
Two EP's of harsh, crunchy noise that not only won't get soggy in the milk bowl, but makes the milk crunchy and the eats the bowl whole. True story.

FFR069 Timmy the Tapeworm: Happy VD (CD-R)
A collection of 69 new and old tracks - remixes, unreleased live works, and tracks that just didn't fit with past releases - ranging from IDM/chip & breakcore to harsh, ear-ravaging noise.
It's breakcore for those with ADHD.
First wave: sharpie hearts w/labels in plastic sleeve. 00/25 available.
Second wave: gold spray painted discs in vellum sleeve. 25/25 available. $5 USD.

FFR068 The Xeric Clan: Leviathan (mp3) [93MB]
Epic plunderphonic release from members of Sons of Branford.

FFR067 Timmy the Tapeworm: CFSM (c10)
[harsh noise]
Ear-blistering live noise; no computers, just harsh, analog cock-tease.
Hand-made sleeves.
00/10 available.

FFR066 Fuck, The Retarded Girl: Nude Disco (mp3) [26MB]
[harsh noise/power electronics]
Harsh, screaming noise attack.

FFR065 The Abortionist: Robos (mp3) [15MB]
Brutal live assault from a 2005 set. Great document from an amazing performer.

FFR064 Xeric Legless: 3 (mp3) [73MB]
[psych noise]
Ethereal waves of noise passing over glitching samples and drum patterns.
Over 50 minutes of faux filmscore for your listening pleasure.

FFR063 Sons of Branford: The Transition Session (mp3) [86MB]
Over one full hour of noise-filled soundscapes created by glitching plunderphonics and ambient tones.
It's like a collaged soundtrack to a film created from multiple projectors.

FFR062 Timmy Tapeworm: Snd (mp3) [26 MB]
[harsh noise]
20+ minutes of harsh noise created without the aid (crutch?) of processing, overdubs, or electronics.

FFR061 Pterri Bite: 09.09.07 (mp3) [26 MB]
[drone/no wave]
Snacks For Pterri and Zombie Bite doing a live collaborative set of droning noise with blasts of guitar sounds and drums.
A great archival piece showcasing a notable performance.

FFR060 Endometrium Cuntplow/Timmy Tapeworm: Anticlimactic Ear Grater (mp3) [20.6 MB]
[harsh noise/collage]
Split release based on the rules: Aim for a total of 10 minutes; Make it noisy.
The result ranges from ambient sounds with layered vocals to harsh scraping metal on metal.

FFR059 Sons of Banford: Relm (mp3) [69.9 MB]
[ambient noise/mash-up]
Sons of Branford (Texas, USA) has created a concept album about one man's decay.
Nearly 50 minutes, with tracks spanning from ambient noise to odd, almost dancable, mash-ups.

FFR058 Royce Icon: Kawasaki Death Machine (mp3) [43.4 MB]
[synth noise]
From Seattle, WA's Royce Icon - another great release, this time taking the form of over 30 minutes of synthetic sounds ranging somewhere between ambient and abrassive noise.

FFR057 not even hope: Native Fuck (mp3) [17.5 MB]
[harsh noise]
Over 18 minutes of a harsh noise barrage from Indiana's not even hope.
Enjoy this while driving with Granny after church and, so long as the volume knob on the stereo's all the way up, she'll knit you a sweater.

FFR056 Springtime Tragedy: Opening (mp3) [18.2 MB]
[dark ambient/noise]
20 minutes of dark ambient soundscapes filled with harsh winds and waves of dirt.
Great music for those lonely nights, when the moon is covered by clouds, the air is warm, but the wind dissettling the leaves pushes just hard enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck stick up, and you've nothing to do but plot decadent things like necrophilia or macrame.

FFR055 Astral Vomit: Cold Waves (mp3) [17.3 MB]
[harsh noise]
Nearly 18 minutes of harsh noise spanning across 5 tracks.
Great static noise harsh core soundscape sentence fragment music.

FFR054 Astral Vomit: Beta Test Of My Life (mp3) [20.9 MB]
20+ minutes of noise from Italy.

FFR053 Snacks For Pterri: Tongue Lap (floppy)
[ambient noise]
6 minutes of ambience with accompanying images on a floppy disk.
Created especially for the International Noise Conference held at Future Pastures (Mpls, MN).
Hand-written label on floppy disk; mp3 format.
00/10 available.

FFR052 Endometrium Cuntplow: Exposure (mp3) [55.3 MB]
Half an hour of cold ambient waves and educational films in really high quality files.

FFR051 Ascamambranevercabisat: 180 Degrees Bending Penis (mp3) [electro grind]
Electro grindcore from Indonesia.