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when where who
jul 11 Think Tank; St. Paul, MN Xrin Arms; Disthroned Agony; Japeworm; Crippling Self Doubt; more
jul 09 Terminal Bar; Mpls, MN Is; Infirmary; Treasure Mammal; Violator X; Wince; Disthroned Agony; Pterri Is Dead
jun 18 Stasiu's Place; Mpls, MN Ghostband; Depeche Node; Fostercare; Foodteam
jun 15 Think Tank; St. Paul, MN Disthroned Agony; Heathe Ledgre; Zombie Bite; Depeche Node; Realicide; Victory!; Crippling Self Doubt; Gabberillion
apr 10 Social Issues Vol 5; St. Paul, MN Gabberillion; Crippling Self Doubt; Cryptosystem; Pandemic; Japeworm; more TBA
mar 19 Food Not Bombs; Echo Park, CA Endometrium Cuntplow/Colony Collapse; Soft Fangs; Realicide; Pemdas; Icy Lytes; Walter Gross
mar 14 VWI's 2010 Calendar Release Party, Java J's; Mpls, MN Murder Laden Japeworms (Albert Elmore, James Allen, Jonah the Destroyer); The Nightstalker DJ
feb 14 ThinkTank room, Rifted Heart; Mpls, MN Overthruster; Timmy the Tapeworm; Low Gain; Bunk Data; Mark H; Pandemic; Miskibaul + Psydecay
feb 13 Social Issues Vol 3; St. Paul, MN Overthruster; Eden Flux; Whiskey Bowl vs sigh-DKay; Hardkornate; Bath Aide; Lies From The Wolf; Boom Chick
jan 13 *****a; Mpls, MN Zombie Bite; Disthoned Agony; Boar; Wince; Kels Backyard; Cell Phone/Water Bear
jan 09 Social Issues Vol.2; St. Paul, MN Timmy Tapeworm; Slutmachine/DJ S/M-zhark; Psydecay; Miskibaul; Bunk Data; Exuviae
jan 09 *****a; Mpls, MN Disthroned Agony; Timmy the Tapeworm; Violator X; Dianoga; Cities of the Plain