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New Releases

New Release


New Release

New Release

New Release

New Releases

    Timmy Tapeworm: Snd (mp3)
    [harsh noise]
    20+ minutes of live noise created without the aid of processing or electronics.

    Pterri Bite: 09.09.07 (mp3)
    [drone/harsh noise]
    Nearly 20 minutes of a live collab performance of Snacks For Pterri and Zombie Bite.


    James Allen (head of FFR) will be putting out Raccoon Nails, a zine of chaos and anti-music ethics later this month.
    There will be a limited release of 100 copies, featuring the zine itself, accompanied by a cassette featuring Disthoned Agony, Timmy Tapeworm, and the author of The Art of Noises, Luigi Russolo, wrapped in fabric and fastened with a button.
    More information can be found here.
New Release
    Endometrium Cuntplow/Timmy Tapeworm: Anticlimactic Ear Grater (mp3)
    [harsh noise/collage]
    Roughly 10 minutes per artist spanning from ambient sounds to harsh scraping metal noise.

New Release

    Sons of Banford: Relm (mp3)
    [ambient noise/mash-up]
    Nearly 50 minutes, with tracks spanning from ambient noise to odd, almost dancable, mash-ups.

New Release

    Royce Icon: Kawasaki Death Machine (mp3)
    [synth noise]
    Over 30 minutes of synthetic sounds ranging somewhere between ambient and abrassive noise.

New Release

    not even hope: Native Fuck (mp3)
    [harsh noise]
    Over 18 minutes of a harsh noise barrage from Indiana's not even hope (full write up on 51-75 releases page).

New Release

    Springtime Tragedy: Opening (mp3)
    [dark ambient/noise]
    20 minutes of dark ambient soundscapes filled with harsh winds and waves of dirt.
    (full write-up on 51-75 releases page)
    Albert Elmore (aka Autevcrtcre II, Heath Ledgre, Daemon & Sprites...) will be playing a few east coast (New York for sure) dates in June. Venue/Time information up as soon as they're confirmed.

New Release

    Astral Vomit: Cold Waves (mp3)
    [harsh noise]
    Harsh noise sound waves.
Upcoming Releases
    Timmy Tapeworm: Rapeworm (LP)
    [harsh noise/lock groove]
    A series of hand-altered LPs with the hope of creating something interesting out of "unlistenable shit."
    Children's stories, Phil Collins, and many more will be altered to create harsh noise sounds with blips of words & some really cool lock-grooves (a favorite is from a children's record that infinitely loops the word "pussy")>
    Expected release: late May/early June 2008.

    Timmy Tapeworm: Great Movers & Shakers of the 20th Century (c90)
    [harsh noise]
    This could be considered the first real "full length" release from the artist.
    It could also be considered the harshest.
    Expected release: July 2008.

New Releases

    Astral Vomit: Beta Test Of My Life (mp3)
    20+ minutes of noise from Italy.

    Snacks For Pterri: Tongue Lap (floppy)
    A six minute EP of ambience created especially for the International Noise Conference at Future Pastures (Mpls) last month.
    Limited to 10 copies - already gone.


    Work has begun to completely revamp the releases section.
    FINALLY switching to pure zips.
    After that task is done, the whole page will be looking for a make-over, day time talk show style.

New releases

    Timmy the Tapeworm: Turbodome Transmission (mp3)
    Majority of a live set recorded in Mpls, MN, July 2007.

    Ascamambranevercabisat: 180 Degrees Bending Penis [EP] (mp3)
    [electro grind]
    An 8 minute EP of harsh screaming over grindcore with electronics.

    Endometrium Cuntplow: Exposure (mp3)
    Close to half an hour of a surreal soundscape of ambient sounds and educational films.

New release

    Endometrium Cuntplow: Fuzzy Reasonings (mp3)
    10 minute EP of game-esque music falling somewhere between industrial and noise. Great short release.

Happy 2008!
New release

    Royce Icon: Random Bursts of Joy (mp3)
    [ambient/space noise]
    Over 18 minutes of an ambient space noise soundscape from Seattle's Royce Icon.
    It's like the soundtrack to an as of yet unmade sci-fi film.
    A great way to start the new year!

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