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Contact Releases(at)ffrmusic(dot)tk if you wanna trade/buy a physical release
Unless trading, $2-3 USD will be added for S/H, depending on location.
Releases are also available at most shows - some in alternate versions.

FFR025 Snacks For Pterri: nvcieow (mp3) [ambient/avant garde noise]
Nearly 40 minutes of ambient noise soundscapes. Listen with headphones for full effect.

FFR024 Timmy the Tapeworm: Inner Ear (ogg) [2.1 MB]
[harsh noise/glitch]
An EP of harsh digital noise.

FFR023 Snacks For Pterri: Cunt Wax (mp3) [99.8 MB]
70+ minutes ranging from dark ambient to harsh noise.

FFR022 Autevcrtcre II Does The Abortionist (mp3) [29.2 MB]
[LIVE noise/glitch]
Autevcrtcre II playing/glitching tracks from the Abortionist live. Recorded on a tape recorder with bad wiring.

FFR021 Overthruster: Fasion Proof (ogg) [14.6 MB]
[LIVE speedcore/breakcore/noise]
A live set from Overthruster.

FFR020 Timmy the Tapeworm: Talkboy Tapes (ogg) [5.4 MB]
[spoken word/tape manip]
Taken from the first tape manipulation done by James Allen with an original Talkboy Deluxe tape recorder. Very little alteration done to the recording digitally.

FFR019 Abortionist: abfash (ogg) [1.5 MB]
[nasty tekno/noise]
Trashy dance noise music chipped up ears.

FFR018 Overthruster: Nov 18 (ogg) [7.2 MB]
Noisy breakcore from NAHC's runner. Nothing else needs to be said.

FFR017 Autevcrtcre II: 241 (mp3) [13.2 MB]
Two EPs for one download. Spoken word, remixed hiphop, overt synth.

FFR016 Timmy the Tapeworm: Fuck Generator (c10)
Glitched vocal samples and bits of harsh noise processed into somewhat dancable chip-music. Second side is same process, but with a more noisy outcome.
Spray-painted tapes & cases w/hand-applied art.
00/10 available.

FFR015 CNTLplusZ: Root Canal (ogg) [2.6 MB]
Sound collaged bits recorded during a root canal procedure, creating an odd soundscape of noise.

FFR014 Snacks For Pterri: Future's Ear (mp3)
A full length ranging from subtle ambient tones to feed-back noise and harsh noise with some industrial-esque beats.

FFR013 Bankie Phones vs Snacks For Pterri: 02.10.06 (mp3) [64 MB]
[LIVE tekno/noise]
Live set of improvised noisy tekno. Recorded from the mixing board.

FFR012 Snacks For Pterri: hbporke (mp3) [13.2 MB]
Harsh noise recorded live (sequencer/TV/sampler).

FFR011 Snacks For Pterri: Sucking Grandmother Tubes (mp3) [5.7 MB]
A harsh noise collage dedicated to the Grantmother.

FFR010 Timmy the Tapeworm: Obverse Swinge (ogg) [26.1 MB]
Early experiments with digital noise manipulation from TtT.

FFR009 Timmy the Tapeworm: Divergent Speech (floppy)
A very short EP of tape-manipulated sermons
Hand-written label on floppy disk.
00/09 available.

FFR008 Timmy the Tapeworm: Conversation (CD-R)
Cryptic conversations between a sleeping madman & himself tape-manipulated to create a 20 min. story built on dark plunderphonics and ambient noise.
Hand-painted disc w/slim case.
16/20 available. $5 USD

FFR007 Timmy the Tapeworm: Untitled [EP] (CD-R/ogg) [4.3 MB]
[glitch/over percussion]
An EP of tracks from an abandoned full-length.
Hand-painted disc w/printed envelope.
00/25 available.

FFR006 NDT: The Squirrel [remixed] (mp3) [16.3 MB]
A classic NDT session featuring Albert Elmore doing back-up noise.

FFR005 Snacks For Tapeworms (CD-R/mp3) [16.5 MB]
Hand-painted disc w/printed envelope.
00/25 available.

FFR004 Snacks For Tapeworms: 37133 (c60)
[harsh noise]
Recorded live then tape manipulated heavily. This is what happens when two projects collide.
Hand-painted case w/lino print. No two copies alike.
00/15 available.

FFR003 Snacks For Pterri/NDT: Split (mp3)
[avant garde/noise]
Some of the earliest SFP work with some of the last NDT work - here - together in all its lo-fi glory.

FFR002 Timmy the Tapeworm: Withdrawal Symptoms (CD-R/mp3)
[glitch/noise/over percussion]
Break beats glitching out with distorted orgasms and Patty Hearst. The first TtT release - recorded live over the course of 2 days.
CD-R has a bonus track.
Hand-written labels on discs w/printed sleeve in case.
00/60 available.

FFR001 Snacks For Pterri: Battle of the Homesick Abortions (CD-R)
A bad trip of psilocybin left an impression of the sounds created here. This is the first SFP release.
Hand-written labels on discs w/printed sleeve in case.
00/50 available.