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Contact Releases(at)ffrmusic(dot)tk if you wanna trade/buy a physical release
Unless trading, $2-3 USD will be added for S/H, depending on location.
Releases are also available at most shows - some in alternate versions.

FFR050 Timmy the Tapeworm: Turbodome Transmission (mp3) [17.8 MB]
A live set of harsh noise with blips of breaks from the final Turbodome party.

FFR049 Endometrium Cuntplow: Fuzzy Reasonings (mp3) [10.1 MB]
10 minutes of industrial game noise.

FFR048 Royce Icon: Random Bursts of Joy (mp3) [21.6 MB]
[ambient/space noise]
20 minutes of a 50s sci-fi movie that was never made.

FFR047 Die Society Die: Yo! (mp3) [30.2 MB]
20 minutes of "faux noise" from Australia.

FFR046 RedSK: Desktopcore Misses You And You Miss It (mp3) [53.1 MB]
21 tracks of subtle to harsh noise over the course of an hour.

FFR045 RedSK: Alien Vibrations (mp3) [9.6 MB]
[alien noise]
Just under 10 minutes of sci-fi noise to mess with your head.

FFR044 vybbtuan: me agape vybbtuan (mp3)
Great mash-up breakcore from Greece.
Offline as of 2010.

FFR043 vcjicc: Basement Tapes Vol 1 (ogg) [36.6 MB]
[harsh noise]
Over an hour of noise and creepy tape manipulation that was a year in the making. Features a remix by Timmy the Tapeworm.

FFR042 Timmy the Tapeworm: Girls On Film (mp3) [24.4 MB]
Near 20 minute live set of mash-up breakcore.

FFR041 Timmy the Tapeworm: Bukkake Sex Slave (mp3) [20.3 MB]
[harsh noise]
15 minutes of harsh noise in 3 parts.

FFR040 v/a: Robotic Head COMPILATION (CD-R/mp3) [27.7 MB]
Harsh noise comp featuring artists from Minnesota, Michigan, & a vs trk from the UK.
Spray paint on everything & hand-written track list; comes in a slim line case. Numbered.
25/50 available. $3 USD

FFR039 Snacks For Pterri: Barbed Pene (c60)
[harsh noise]
Spray painted case & tape w/hand-written track list, collage. Numbered.
48/50 available. $5 USD

FFR038 Timmy the Tapeworm: Blue Shades (ogg) [2.9 MB][glitch/noise]
Harsh noise in three parts.

FFR037 Snacks For Pterri: Kibou Is Sleeping (mp3) [50.8 MB]
Recorded during a state of insomnia; inspired by a cat.

FFR036 RedSK: Disco Dance Super Time (mp3) [9 MB]
[harsh noise]
More harsh noise from Michigan's RedSK!

FFR035 TIMMYtheTAPEWORM: All of Us Can Be Rich Weirdos (mp3) [4.9 MB]
[noisy plunderphonics]
Glitched plunderphonics/tape manip of a RHPS segment.
This 7 minute, 7 track release was released on 07.07.07

FFR034 CNTLplusZ: Decaying Flesh (mp3/ogg) [14.9 MB]
[noise/sound collage]
Sound collage noise.

FFR033 Snacks For Pterri: Clubbing Seals 2 (mp3/ogg)
[harsh noise/tekno]
A continuation of Clubbing Seals - this time with more noise. Also comes with a txt story.

FFR032 Snacks For Pterri: Until It's Cardboard (mp3/ogg)
[harsh noise]
Harsh fucking noise.

FFR031 Snacks For Pterri: Clubbing Seals (mp3) [19.3 MB]
[harsh noise/tekno]
Harsh noisy tekno with a txt story about a club in the snow.

FFR030 RedSK: Isolating the Infected (mp3) [26.4 MB]
[harsh noise]
Harsh noise from NQA & Trashfuck runner.

FFR029 Autevcrtcre II: Malleable Drawing (mp3) [15 MB]
Destroyed Reggaetron and synthetic sounds.

FFR028 Autevcrtcre II: Image Trap (mp3) [4.5 MB]
[avant garde/synth/noise]
Designer synths with noise.

FFR027 Autevcrtcre II: Zytar Wars (mp3) [16.2 MB]
An EP that sounds like a sci-fi movie soundtrack.

FFR026 v/a: Future Lobby Music COMPILATION (CD-R/mp3) [42 MB]
[ambient noise/accousmatic]
Nine tracks from five Minneapolis-based projects with sounds ranging from drone to accousmatic soundscapes.
Spray-painted discs w/hand-made packaging.
20/50 available. $3 USD