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You will need:

-2 Flashlights

-Amber Lenses or Reflectors

Step One: Preparing the Flashlight
    -If applicaple, remove the top portion of the flashlight by unscrewing it.

    -Next, remove the clear lens. Cut it, break it, don't worry, you won't need it.  Just be sure not to break the reflector inside.

Step Two: Preparing the Amber Lens

    -Carefully cut away the metal jacket.  Do not crack or break the reflector.

    -After you have removed the amber reflector from the metal jacket, sand down the bottom ridge until you can fit the reflector into the flashlight.  It should fit snugly so you won't need any glue.  Don't force it in too hard or it may crack.  If it doesn't fit, just sand it down a little more until it does fit.

    -Reattach the top portion to the flashlight body.

    -The finished product should look like this:

Main / Mannequin / Hands / Eyes / Head / Cloak
Weathering / Accessories / Assembly