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To make the hands you will need:

- Wire
- Foam
- duct tape
- brown jersey garden gloves

Step One: Shaping the Wire
    Using a glove for size reference, shape the wire as pictured here:
     (notice that the wire is folded back below the wrist to provide some stability when you insert it into the forearm (PVC)).

    Secure the wire together at the wrist with a small piece of duct tape by winding it around the wire.

Step Two: Adding the Foam
    Cut out appropriately sized pieces of foam for the palm of the hand and the fingers.

    Secure the foam to the wire using narrow strips of the duct tape.
    You may wish to secure it more completely, but this amount of tape should be sufficient.

Step Three: Attaching the Hand to the Forearm
    Place the wrist portion into the PVC forearm and secure with duct tape.
    -1 strip from the palm down the wrist.
    -1 strip from the back of the hand down the wrist.
    -1 strip around the whole wrist to secure the other tape.

Step Four: Securing the Glove

    Carefully place the glove over the hand and secure it to the PVC forearm with the Black Duct Tape.

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