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You will need:

-3 Yards of fabric


-Sewing machine and thread.

-Utility Knife

- HOT GLUE gun and hi-temp fabric glue sticks.

-Pattern for hooded cloak (optional)

Step One: Cutting the Pieces
    If you do not know anything about sewing, ASK someone who does.  I had to consult, you may or may not need to.

    Here is a rough drawing of the forms I used.  If this does not help, then I suggest you pick up a pattern for a hooded cloak at the fabric store.  They don't usually cost more than $10.  And the pattern may even allow you to make a wearable cloak!  Anyway, for what it's worth...

The colored lines indicate where you will need to sew.  I tried to match them up. Again, your best bet is to get a pattern.

The thin black lines are to be left unhemmed!

Step Two: Sewing the Cloak
    First, if you don't know anyone with a sewing machine, don't know how to sew yourself, and don't want to pay someone to do it, then you can always HOT GLUE the cloak together.  This can get messy, and will not hold up too well in the long term.  I also suggest weathering the material first if you are going to go the HOT GLUE way.  One last tip: Use High temperature fabric glue.

    Now, if you do have access to a sewing machine and/or sewing person, they will know how to do all this stuff.  Just bring reference pics for them to work from.

    The first thing to be sewed is the main cloak piece.  As the red lines above indicate, sew (a) and (b) together.

    Next, fold the hood (c) along the fold line.  Seam the back of the hood (the green line) and a short "dart" up the front (the purple lines).

    The final sewing is the trickiest.  You need to sew the hood to the main cloak.  Consult your resident sewing professional for this step. Sorry, I'm not a pro, so I can't explain it well enough.

Step Three: Primary Weathering
    Once you have finished with the sewing, get out your razor blade!

    Cut like a banshee making short slashes at random over the whole cloak.  The more "worn" you want your Jawa, the more cuts you will make.

    Fringe the edges along the bottom of the cloak.  Vary the length from between 2" and 6".

    After your slashfest, toss the cloak into the washing machine (alone) without detergent.  Then dry and press (if desired).

Step Four: Wiring the Hood
    BE SURE TO DO STEP THREE BEFORE THIS STEP!!!  If not, you will get glue all over the inside of your dryer (it's hot in there!) or else you will not be able to do the initial weathering.

    For this step you will need to use a length of the steel wire to line the front edge of the hood.

    Measure off how long you will need to make it, and cut your piece of wire.

    Then HOTGLUE the wire (along the red line below) by folding the fabric over it.


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