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Jawa Noggin

You will need:
- Your 2 completed "Eyes" (flashlights).

- 6" Styrofoam Sphere

- Black Duct Tape

- 15"x20" Piece of black wool fabric

- 3/8" Drill Bit and Drill

- Hacksaw

Step one: Preparing the Head
    Remove the plastic wrapper from the styrofoam shere.

    Using the hacksaw, shave off one side of the sphere.  Do not cut in half.  You want to cut off about 1/4 of it to give you a nice flat face.

    About 2/3 the distance down from the top of the face, mark off where you will drill holes for the "Eyes".

    Carefully drill STRAIGHT through to the back of the head.  you will be putting the flashlights through these "tunnels". so make them just barely wide enough to fit the body of the flashlight through.

    Insert the two flashlights so the back end sticks through the back of the sphere.

    Last, insert the 4" PVC "Neck" piece into the bottom of the sphere.

Step Two: Finishing the head.
    Cover the sphere with black duct tape.  Be sure to secure the "Neck" firmly with the duct tape.

   Place the wool fabric over the face.

    Carefully cut slits for the eyes and apply the fabric, sucuring it in the back with one piece of duct tape.

The finished product should look like this (but with the black fabric):

Main / Mannequin / Hands / Eyes / Head / Cloak
Weathering / Accessories / Assembly