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Helpful Hints:
- When you buy your parts, you will save money if you
   go to a mega-hardware store like Menards, Home Depot, etc.

- Whenever cutting anything, ALWAYS use eye protection.  ALWAYS.

Using a hacksaw, or other appropriate tool,
cut the 1/2 plastic conduit into the following lengths:

(2)- 2.5"    [hips]
(2)- 3"       [hindfoot]
(3)- 4"       [neck and forefoot]
(2)- 5"       [shoulders]
(4)- 6"       [upper and lower arms]
(2)- 6.75"  [toe and heel]
(1)- 11"     [torso]
(2)- 15"     [legs]

Attach pieces as in the picture below.

Once this is complete, cut a section of foam 8"x24" and wrap it around the "Spine".  You can secure it with the Duct Tape.

Next, cut another section of foam 12"x24".  In the center, cut a hole through which you will place the "Neck".

Make a Duct Tape "Belt to shape the waist area.

The finished mannequin should look like this:

Main / Mannequin / Hands / Eyes / Head / Cloak
Weathering / Accessories / Assembly