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In regard to links throughout this Site, you may see a word that is underlined but NOT highlighted blue like a link, It IS a link and these are words that can be found in our Dictionary. In case  you're unfamiliar with some of the fishing lingo.

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Jon Anderson

If you're looking for a place for easy to learn how to, beginners, basic, first time, how do you, tips, skills, fundamentals and technique of fishing,
then you've come to the right spot.

Don't know a thing about fishing?

You don't know what a split shot is or what a bobber is?
Wondering what the heck is a wax worm or red wiggler?
Should you choose a Spinning Reel, a Baitcaster - what is a Zebco?
What is tackle? Isn't that in football?

This Site is for people wanting to know how to get started in fishing. 
Where can you go to get the basic information on how to fish, not just the equipment and tackle needed, but how to get started from scratch?
 What kind of fish to fish for? What does a certain fish look like? How do you rig the bait or lures? How do you tie a knot? What kind of rod and reel should I use?

You'll learn all the basics of how to fish by browsing this site!

"Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men."

 - Mark 1.17


Fishing helps people of all ages step back from their hectic daily lives and reconnect with themselves, their families, and the natural world!


Now, I do not claim to be a "know-it all" on how to fish.
This site is a collection of methods that have been gathered from different resources and has been successful for me.

I cannot promise you the best fishing experience if you follow the tips  within this site but I am certain that these tips will definitely improve your odds of landing a big fish or at least having a more relaxing experience. 
These site should increase your odds no matter what fish you are pursuing.  

The information throughout this website is simply basic techniques on how to fish. This site does not guarantee that you will catch fish. As you read through the site and learn different techniques, you will soon venture out with your rod and reel, tackle, bait and whathaveya and begin fishing. Throughout this experience, you will come to meet other fisherman; some experienced some novice. You will then begin to notice that each and every individual fisherman has a specific set of guidelines that he believes incorporates the ingredients necessary for fishing execution. And these guidelines are quite frequently in contradiction to the opinions of other fishermen, even at the same fishing hole. Some advice will be awesome; probably not found on this site or any other site or book, magazine, etc. Could be their own little secret passed on to you. It may work and it may not. Some fisherman will solely believe they have the greatest techniques in catching any fish at anytime; however, they are complete idiots.

As anything in life, what works for one will not always work for the other. The bottom line is absorbing all that you can; only you will know what works for you and what does not!

Regardless to what you have read or heard, Remember this: 

The best time to go fishing is whenever you can go!

There are tips throughout this site that I hope will make everyone's experience last a lifetime.

Fish is definitely good food, and time spent with family is a treasure, but time spent fishing is also healthy for you. Stress is a major factor in today’s world, and stress relief can not be better defined than a day’s fishing. Fishing also helps each individual develop a sense of stewardship for aquatic resources that support fish and responsibility to maintain a healthy environment.

You’ll enjoy fishing. 
The information throughout this site will help you find the fishing gear you will need, tips and tricks to fishing and so much more!
Don’t forget your positive attitude, friendly nature, and a good friend. You’ll soon find that you are hooked on a lifetime of enjoyment.

This Site is designed to give basic fishing knowledge to those with limited fishing experience and to stimulate anglers to learn more. The objective is to help the new angler have safer and more enjoyable fishing trips.
Once you have learned the fundamentals, The FUNdamentals of Fishing will be a handy reference as beginning anglers move forward in fishing.

By browsing this site you will be introduced to the various types of equipment, tackle, and learning experiences. You will learn how to assemble the fishing equipment and string the line, experience knot tying and simple techniques used to cast.

You will then learn to hook appropriate bait to attract common fish. 

Learn several styles of fishing, types of rods, reels, knots, baits, lures, fresh and saltwater fish, and aquatic habitats. You’ll find tips to improve your skills and what you can use to have a fun, exciting, and a successful fishing trip. Learn where to place your bait and how to hook your bait. Habitat features that typically attract fish will be described. We certainly hope you catch fish, so fish handling, cleaning and preparation of the catch are also discussed.

You’ll also learn how you can help protect your state’s precious aquatic resources.

This is not a Fishing Site that is full of articles. It's not a Forum. This site has easy to read and easy to follow How To Information pertaining to fishing. It is designed for the beginner and for the experienced to discover information on all topics related to fishing. 

If you noticed, I never indicated a "How to catch a fish" topic?
If only it was that simple. There's a reason it's called fishing and not catching!
I will give you all the fundamentals of fishing, however, catching fish is up to you.

Simply visit Our Sitemap and you will find everything you need to know about fishing.

The site is also designed like a book; where you can start at page 1 "The Very Basics of How To Fish" and proceed to the next page by clicking the Next Button at the bottom of each page.

 Besides all the great How To Information, you can also purchase all your fishing gear here as we are affiliated with

You can also find a glossary of fishing terms here at The FUNdamentals of Fishing

In all cases, we hope these lessons lead to fishing adventures.

Now, let's learn how to fish!

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; 
teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

- old Chinese proverb

There are 3 ways to utilize this site:

  1. You can go through the site page by page as a book by clicking the NEXT ARROW BUTTON at the bottom of each page.

  2. Use the Panel on the left side of each page by clicking on a link that best interest you.

  3. Visit our Site Map Page which list EVERYTHING that is to be found within this Site.

You can also click on different Links provided throughout this Site.

In regard to links throughout this Site, you may see a word that is underlined but NOT highlighted blue like a link, It IS a link and these are words that can be found in our Dictionary. In case your unfamiliar with some of the fishing lingo.

That is me fishing in my pond. Yes it has fish. NO, I am not using a hook!

Good Luck and Good Fishin'!

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It is important that people who fish follow all fishing rules and regulations.
These rules help conserve fish populations and also help anglers be successful.
Regulations may limit the size of, number of, and season that a type of fish may be caught, and may require a license to fish. In some cases, only “catch and release” fishing is allowed, which means the fish must be let go. Some bait is illegal in certain areas.
Contact your state wildlife agency by visiting Our Rules and Regulations Page.


If you have any hints, suggestions, techniques or anything that you would like to share or have me put onto this web page,
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I do not suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute of it!