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How to Decide Which Fishing Hook to Use

Live bait should always appear to the fish to be alive.

Once you put them on your hook they will eventually die, so you need to make them look like they are alive!

When attaching the worm to the hook, you'll want to hook the worm more than once so it stays on the hook.

The less you handle the bait with your fingers, the more effective your bait will be.
Human hands have an amino acid that is an aversion scent to fish,
so the less of this you deposit on the bait through handling, the more effective your bait becomes.

There are small, syringe-like applicators that allow anglers to bait  hooks without touching the bait at all
you can use disposable sterile gloves (they're cheap).

 I wouldn't recommend hand soap or sanitizer, as it may not fully eliminate the scent.

See the diagrams below to learn how to hook different types of live bait:

How to Decide Which Fishing Hook to Use

 1.  Pick your quarry. The type of fish is an important factor in choosing a hook.

2.  Choose bait. Use hooks with barbs on the hook shank with live bait; use an offset worm hook with artificial bait. The size of the hook should equal the size of the bait.

 3.  Decide on multiple-use or single-use hooks. Mechanically sharpened hooks are easy to resharpen, which will save money. Chemically sharpened single-use hooks are higher grade and sharper, but also more expensive.

 4. Decide on the hook gap. Bigger bait requires a bigger gap in the hook.

 5.Use treble hooks for dough bait.

 6. Determine cover. Use a weedless hook in weedy or mossy areas.

 7. Choose between a "snelled" hook and a loose hook. Snelled hooks are pre-rigged for tying directly to the angler's line; loose hooks hold dough or softer bait.

There are other methods of catching fish
 using live bait
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