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"A New Beginning"

As spoken to the assembled crew of the USS Backlash on Stardock.

“To Captain James Hansen, USS Backlash, from Starfleet Command and 22nd Fleet Command.

Starfleet Command has assembled, as per your request, a crew to staff the USS Backlash. We have chosen the most accomplished of our third and fourth year cadets and present them to you in all confidence that they will prove every bit as capable as the crew of any other ship in the fleet. To the USS Backlash, her crew and her Captain; We wish you good luck and Godspeed.

Crew of the USS Backlash, I welcome you to your first assignment. Empty, sitting in dock, the Steamrunner class vessel, the Backlash, awaits you. Beyond the dock, all manner of adventure awaits us all. You have met our First Officer and Chief of Tactical James Benson. May I also introduce our Chief Engineer Aylynn Vanx, Chief Operations Officer Kathleen Morrison and Chief of Flight Control Adam Daystrom. Also, our Chief of Security Vanessa Hathaway, Chief Science Officer Titus Hammond, Chief Medical Officer Kassandra Cross and Ship’s Counsellor Loni Biran.

The following cadets are being assigned as Assistant Chiefs in their departments and I extend to them the field-brevet promotion of Lieutenant; Cole, Rohe, Rovan and Roberts. In addition, it is my duty and priviledge to promote the rest of you to the field-brevet rank of Ensign. Congratulations everyone.

Though you may now feel that celebration is in order, let us not be distracted from our duties. The Fleet sits on the brink of dissolution and collapse and along our borders, the Romulans grow restless. This is a critical time for the Federation and we have been chosen to join the fight to right things once again. Vigilance, Perseverance, Determination and Honour are our bywords. Duty and Strength of Purpose are our guides. These are extraordinary times and unfortunately we have only the briefest of time to learn to work together and become the crew that Starfleet hopes we are and needs us to be.

There is one thing I know, though. These extraordinary times are matched by extraordinary people. I look at you here and I know that this is the finest crew in the Fleet. Nowhere in the Fleet will we find another crew that can match this one. We will join together and word of our exploits will reach every corner of the Federation. We will strive together and every ship in the Fleet will look to us as the shining example of the ideals of the Federation. We will stand together and in our wake will travel success and hope. We are the crew of the USS Backlash and all threats will vanish, all mysteries recede at the sound of our voice. For from the Backlash, in one voice that stretches to the farthest reaches of our galaxy, they will hear us shout.

This Far, No Farther!

WHAT IS ST:ANB?: Star Trek A New Beginning, is a pen and paper RPG. Based off the Star Trek universe created by Gene Roddenberry, using the game system published by Last Unicorn Games. GM'ed by Ian Martell, and played by the remarakble, Brad Edwards (James Hansen), Stuart Murray (Duran Abandar), Nelson Eisel (Adam Daystrom), and Chris Vickers (Ross Talbot).

THE CURRENT SITUATION: 2377 - The Federation has survived the threat of a war with the Romulans though it still looms over them, the scattering of the Fleet by an internal conspiracy and know is fighting a war of survival with a newly discovered race called the Dorho Regime.

Meanwhile the crew of the Backlash once again has dissapeared from the fleet to persue the enemies of the Federation in another secret war. This time it will not end until either the Federation or the parasitic bugs who seek to destroy it, are dead.


USS BACKLASH - Steamrunner class vessel formerly the USS Sutter which was apparently lost durring 2370 on the Cardassian Demilitarized Zone. Infact the vessel had been recruited into a secret Intelligence division which was apparently undercontrol of alien parasites. The Sutter allong with the Ambassador class USS Aganamemnon and Excelsior Class USS Delios, were defeated while attacking the USS Enterprise. The Sutter/Backlash durring this mission captured by Lt. Cmdr Hansen, Lt.'s Bensen and Daystrom with help of allied Klingons. After that encounter the Sutter was turned over to the Lt. Cmdr and given the Romulan situation was given a permission to take temporary command of the vessel and crew here with Cadets from the Academy. Also she was officially named the USS Backlash after the operation that led to her capture.


Fiction Stories and other writings about the Characters.
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ST:ANB Encyclipedia An encyclipedia of the places and things that are unique to the ST:ANB universe.
Past Crew Members A list with bios of the previous members of the crew of the USS Backlash.
House RulesRules additions and new ships and equipment used in our game.
Humor A collection of somewhat humorus stuff we've collected durring our campaign.
USS ValiantA new game to continue where A New Beginning left off. Includes more ship designs. New templates and characters.
What's NewFor my players and return visitors, a list of what has been updated on the site.

Pictures Supplied by Pedro's Shiporamma and the Trek RPG site.