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ST:ANB Encyclipedia

Abandar, Ileen: Ambassador, Mother of Duran Abandar and the Betazoid representitive to the Federation council.

Abandar, Illora: Lieutenant, Chief Counsellor USS Firebird and sister of Duran Abandar.

Abandar, Jorin: Commander, first officer of the USS Raliegh, a diplomatic vessel. He additionaly servers as counsellor to the ship's crew. Making him a popular officer on-board. Also he is Duran's father.

Aleer: A race of aliens thought to be hybrid of Klingons and the natural inhabitants of the world. Dispite the fact most Aleer are tall and muscular in build they are a peacefull people who prefer diplomacy to war. But if pushed they can fight, as the Klingon's know; after their first failed invasion in 2263 they named the Aleer 'The Sleeping Dragons of the Galaxy'.

Casey, Alexander: Alex Casey, was formerly a cadet in the same class as Duran Abandar and James Hansen. He cheated on his flight exam and it resulted in the destruction of the shuttle they were on and the death of the instructor. James Hansen, found him out and he was expelled. Since Alex has tried to kill James twice and has been caught and sentenced to 30 years on Ogala Prison Colony.

Casey, Alister: Admiral in charge of the 4th Fleet and rival of Admiral Hansen. He is known to be a very political admiral and has often used his position to gain advantages for himself and his allies.

Casey, Alyssa: Cadet 4th year, unknowingly aided Alex Casey in the attempted murder of James Hansen, she has since been ordered to repeat forth year once more and has be deniged the right to be transfered from the Leto her former ship one who's crew is most displeased with the embarassment her crime caused them.

Casey, Lucas: Lt. Commander and XO of the USS Epimethius friend of James Hansen dispite their families rivalry.

Cythrin: A lizard like race, who live in Sector 232-C most of them follow the beliefs of the Alliance and do not beleive that there is space in which to travel and use the interplanetary teleporters to travel from world to world. But 100 of them managed to make a subspace transmitter and send a message to the Federation vessels in the area. They have since been taken off their world and transfered to Kehjah Prime where they work with the Khejah in building a new homeworld.

Dorho Regime: A group of worlds of unknown size ruled by a race called the Dorho. They have been found to be authoritarian and cruel in their practicies which has set a difficult problem for relations with the Federation.

Dorvites: A race of ape like aliens living in the Regime recently with Federation help they have succesfully rebeled against their oppressors the Dorho.

Evora: Also known as the Grii, a race of reptilian aliens found in the Dorho Regime, their planet was attacked by the Dorho Fleet and was ruined. Now the Dorho uses their world to as a training ground for their ground forces.

Givers, The: A race of advanced beings that lived in 232-C centuries ago, and caused the creation of the wall that cut off walled space, but for what reasons it was created is uknown. They are also known to have built the interplanetary transporters.

Hansen, James Patrick: Admiral incharge of the 22nd fleet and father of Captian James Hansen. JP as the Admiral is called by his conteporaries' is an excelent tactician and has done well defending the Neutral Zone with what resources he has been given.

Hansen, Monica Lauren: Captian of the USS Legacy a galaxy class starship, she died in the destruction of the Legacy durring the battle for Cardassia.

Kehjah: A species in walled space who have developed warp drive, until recently they were nomadic but have recently regained their homeworld. Currently the Federation is assisting them in building cities on their world, and has established trade for the excess dilithium in their possession.

Kypar: A race of short goldenskined humanoids with pointed ears, and wide eyes. They existed on bothsides of the wall before it's colapse. The Kypar on the 'outside' have developed warp travel while the others use interplanetary transporters and have no idea that space exists.

Matthew: An AI created durring a crisis from James Hansen's Starfleet Intelligence training program. He has since been serving drinks in the bar and gathering incredible amounts of data.

Morgan, Jonothan: Captian of the USS Epimethius, he is a vetran officer, who perfers scietific missions to border patrols and combat. He is the consumate scientist and is a close friend to the Hansen family.

Osmonic Positronic Relay Transinducer or OPRT for short. A vital part of the powersystems on the Rigel class vessel, discontinued after the line was built, and is very hard to find one since they cannot be replicated.

Q-Base: Officaly named Starbase 391, but affectionately called Q-Base by the people who know about it's purpose, the development of inteligence technologies for Inteligence and the fleet in general.

Ral: Captian of the Latinum Prince, an Orion rogue who has both helped and hindered the Federation and the crew of the Backlash several times in the last months. Has become a friend to some of the crew.

SS Latinum Prince: A small frieghter converted for more 'exotic' missions by it's first owner Daimon Mog. Who lost it to Captian Ral. Amoung it's additions is a cloaking device.

SS Good Fortune: A Dorho medium cruiser, 'salvaged' by Captian Ral with the permission of Captian James Hansen. He has rigged it with a cloaking device and is currently debating what to do with it.

Station 357: The federation Starbase slated for building over Abandar V but when the wall disapeared and the orignal inhabitants of the planet were revived it was moved to Kehjah Prime where it serves as the Federation-Kehjah relations outpost as well as defending the planet.

Tivaundae: Another race from Sector 232-C they seem to rule the Alliance in that sector and maintaing the ideals of the past including the fact their is no space above their worlds. Also the Tivaundae are telepathic.

USS Churchill: A Eclipse class special operations vessel once thought to be in Dorho space, now known to be captured with all hands by the Romulan Empire.

USS Epimethius: Starship and previous posting of the Captian and many of the senior staff officers of the USS Backlash, Captianed by Captian Jonothan Morgan, James Hansen's personal friend.

Walled Space: Offically known as Sector 232-C. Was once surrounded by an emence plasma wall until 2376, when it dissapeared under strange curcumstances. Contains several planets with life. Only one of them have developed warp drive but all have a interplanetary transporters.

Pictures from Activision's Star Trek Armada, and Pedro's Shiporamma.