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The Story So Far

"Season One" - Explorers

"Auspicious Beginnings 1"
James Hansen, Nybarri Yuka, Duran Abandar meet after six years of seperation before the launch of their ship the USS Galileo. Launching is followed shortly by the failure of the OPTR and a quick trip (at impulse) is needed to get a replacement. After that a photon grenade goes off in James' quarters.

"Auspicious Beginnings 2"
James is found knocked out by the grenade, and investigation reveals that it is James' rival Alexander Casey is behind it.

"The Test"
While the ship is over Kypar enjoying a Ferengi/Orion bazaar. Nybarri Yuka takes her bridge test and passes if barely. Meanwhile the ship is fitted with the Duane-Nakumura sheild to pass through 'the wall' 20ly wide sphere of plasma, with the intent of exploring the hollow center region. It's test succeeds and they're the Gallieo pauses in preperation for entering the wall.

"To Boldly Go"
The Galileo enters the wall where they discover much more than they bargained for. Inside are several planets, and from the derelict space craft they find, several races as well. Also it is discovered that the races here possess a interplanetary transporter, which uses dishes of dilthium!

"Ral 1"
James Hansen and his team of 'tunnelers' begin work on a project to tunnel throught the plasma wall providing better access to 'Walled Space' but are kidnapped by DaiMon Mog. Who is tricked by Hansen and Vanx and who's first officer Ral betrays him and trades him and their stolen Duane-Nakamura sheild for a pardon and command of the vessel.

"Ral 2"
Vanx discovers that the sheild that Ral gave them is missing the most vital componets and the Galileo gives chase. Only to find themselves following ghosts. As a final parting blow Ral through Mog has infected the crew with Trovan Tears a drug that when inhaled produces a drunk like effect.

While investigating one of the unclaimed dilithium dishes at the newly dubbed planet Abandar V, the Galileo makes first contact with the people called the Kehjah. A diplomatic meeting goes on and the Khejah seem to be hidning something but things continue well and the rest of the Walled Space task force is called togeather at Abandar V and plans to mine the dilthium proceeds.

"The Great Escape"
Durring a meeting of the task force captians a race called the Cythrin contact the ship asking for help. It is decided that the Galileo will help free them from their planet's rule by bringing them to Abandar V. It succeeds with some minor complications.

"A Passing of Heros"
Doctor Yuka leaves the Galileo for home due to problems there. While Lieutenants Benson and Daystrom arrive with Doctor Cross. Just before they recieve a urgent distress call from the USS LaSelle. The crew responds only to find a trap laid by Starfleet personnel. The ship is damaged in a massive explosion and several crewmen are killed.


I will finish this soon, I hope to have both season two what we've done of three before too long.