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Quotes and Humor

MR Smirk - A Song to the tune of Mr. Grinch
Lyrics By: Bradley Edwards, inspired by Duran Abandar chacter played by Stuart Murray.

You're a smooth one Mr. Smirk
Your lines are solid gold.
You're the quicker picker upper,
the interstellar pimp.
Mr. Smiiiiiirk!
How many women have you had, in the cargo hold!

Sorry to those who might not fully get the context of the quotes.

[singing] "Why do bird suddenly appear..." - Abandar to Hansen (telepathicly) when Nybarri and Gellen were leaving party togeather.

"Sir something ate my pants," Hansen in a flashback to the academy when Duran set some nanites on him that ate Hansen's pants and had to explain to a teacher why he had now lower attire.

Adam:"Computer, lower inertial dampeners around the helm console by .0001%,"
Adam Engages warp 9.7
Adam: "Sweeeet"

Ross: "Please do not fire on this vessel or you might inadvertantly start an interstellar war" - Chris Vicker's paraphrases Independance Day.