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USS Backlash NCC-102376

Class/Type: Steamrunner-Class, Heavy Frigate
Re-Commissioning Date: Oct 23rd, 2376
Hull Characteristics:
Size: 6 (375 meters long, 18 decks)
Resistance: 5
Structural Points: 120

Operations Characteristics:
Crew/Passengers/Evac: 200/250/750 [5prw/round]
Computers: 4 [4pwr/round]
Transporters: 4 personnel, 4 cargo, 4 emergency. [6pwr/round]
Tractor Beams: 1 ad, 1 fd, 1 fv. [2pwr/rating]

Propulsion and Power Characteristics:
Warp System: 6.0/9.2/9.7 (12 hrs) [2/warp factor]
Impulse System: .75c/.95c [7/9 pwr/round]
Power: 180

Sensor Systems:
Long-Range Sensors: +2/17ly [6pwr/round]
Lateral Sensors: +2/1ly [4pwr/round]
Navigational Sensors: +2
Cloak: 8 [32pwr/round]
Sensor Skill: 4

Weapons Systems:
Type X Phaser
Range: 10/30,000/100,000/300,000
Arc: All
Accuracy: 4/5/7/10
Damage: 20
Power: 20

Type I Phaser Cannon
Range: 10/30,000/100,000/300,000
Arc: forward only
Accuracy: 5/6/8/11
Damage: 40
Power: 40

Type II Photon Torpedos
Number: 250
Range: 15/300,000/1,000,000/3,500,000
Arc: fore/aft but self-guiding
Accuracy: 4/5/7/10
Damage: 20
Power: 5

Defensive Systems:
Sheilds: 60/80
Power: [60pwr/round]

Accomplisment: 1
Force: 3
Science: -
Inovation: 2
Total: 6

HISTORY: Formerly the USS Sutter, which was reported lost along the Cardassian Border. Though in reality it was being used in secret by a portion of Starfleet Intel who were under control of alien parasites. Durring this time it was fitted with a Federation designed cloaking device in violation of the Treaty of Algernon, and was sent on a number of secret missions all of which are yet to be discovered. Later the vessel was used by the parasites to head a force to destroy the Enterprise where it was taken over by Lt. Cmdr James Hansen and Lt. Adam Daystrom and James Benson. Since that time the ship was given to now Captain Hansen to command and has been renamed the Backlash after the operation that was responsible for her capture, and the discovery of the conspiracy that led to her dissapearence. Currently the Backlash is assigned to the area formerly known as walled space on a training mission for her all cadet crew.

Notes: The Backlash differs from the LUG design in botht the cloaking device and the type I phaser cannon, the cloak's addittion is explained by the intel conspiracy. While the cannon originated on the notes I've read on the steamrunner by the Behavoir Group web site Utopia Planitia (off line).

Steamrunner Pics provided by Pedro's Shiporamma, please do not use without his permission.