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What's New

LAST UPTDATE: 12/13/99

The senior staff stats and backgrounds have been moved. Also there has been a new page explaining the chain of command and departmental responsibilites on board the Backlash. Also some old bios have been archived in the Past Crew Members page.

Ship pics are up on the Backlash's page which is looking much better now.

Captian's Chronicles 1-3 have moved, as well for those who haven't checked it out the first of the Visions stories are available to read. Not to mention the new fiction by Stuart Murray in Senior Officer's Logs.

The ST:ANB Encyclipedia has been given a few more entries and some pictures.

Their is now a house rules page! With my damage system for personnel scale battles and rules for Trill past experience. Also ship designs for two new Romulan vessels and the USS Epimetheus.

The Story So Far has also been updated to include 'Season One' of the game so and will hopefully have season two and what we've done of three in the next few days.