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A Pukavik Guide Service Seatrout Photo

M - S
Muskellunge - Sunfish

St Lawrence River, Ontario, Canada
Melton Hill, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

-Muskellunge, Tiger-
St Lawrence River, NY, USA, Ontario, Canada

Zambizi River, Zambia

Miami Florida, USA

Uraima Falls, Venezuela
Xingu River, Brazil

-Peacock, Blackstriped-
Caura River, Caurama Lodge, Venezuela
Cinaruco River, Venezuela

-Peacock, Butterfly-
Homestead, Florida, USA

-Peacock, Speckled-
Cinaruco River, Venezuela
Pasimoni River, Venezuela

-Pellona, Amazon-
Guapore River, Brazil
Caura River, Venezuela

-Perch, Nile-
Lake Nassar, Egypt

-Perch, White-
Lake Champlain, New York, Vermont, USA

-Perch, Yellow-
Yuba Reservoir, Fayette, Utah, USA

-Pickerel, Chain-
Lake Shawnee, Powhatan, Virginia, USA

-Pike, Northern-
Athabasca River and Lakes, Saskatchawan, Canada

-Redhorse, Shorthead-
North River, Ontario, Canada

-Redhorse, Silver-
Plum Creek, Wisconsin, USA

-Salmon, Atlantic-
Bay of Pukavik, Baltic Sea, Sweden
Munster Blackwater, Ireland

-Salmon, Atlantic (landlocked)-
Lake Vattern, Karlsborg, Sweden

-Salmon, Chinook-
Kenai River, Alaska, USA

-Salmon, Chum-
Edye Pass, British Columbia, Canada
Keta River, Siberia, Russia


-Salmon, Coho-
Salmon River, Lake Ontario, Pulaski, New York, USA

-Salmon, Pink-
Karluk River, Kodiak Island, Alaska, USA

-Salmon, Sockeye-
Kenai River, Alaska, USA

Saskatchewan River, Saskatoon, Canada

-Shad, American-
Delaware River, New Jersey, USA

Krassio Dam, Suphanburi, Thailand

-Snapper, Papuan Black-

Rio Parana, Corrientes, Argentina

Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada

Honker Bay, California, USA

-Sunfish, Green-
Great Bear Lake, Michigan, USA

-Sunfish, Redbreast-
Suwannee River, Florida, USA

-Sunfish, Redear-
Folsum South Canal, California, USA


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