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Fishing The Krassio Dam, Suphanburi, Thailand

Krassio Dam, Suphanburi, Thailand

Record snakehead have been caught recently caught below Krassio Dam.

" We asked the guys how they evaluated the fighting power of the Mekong against other species of catfish they had encountered. "Oh, no question," said Jurgen, "these fish fight much harder - it would be totally impossible to land any one of these fish at 80lb with the kind of tackle we use on the Ebro." Which raises the question, what kind of tackle would it take? And who will be the first person to achieve the ultimate freshwater angling treble - a 100 kilo Mekong catfish, a 100 kilo Siamese carp and a 100 kilo arapaima?" Extract in quotes taken from BIG CATS IN THAILAND By Sue Harris

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