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Fishing The Keta River, Siberia, Russia

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Keta River, Siberia, Russia

Fish for record breaking Taimen or Keta also known as chum or dog salmon. "Siberian taimen (Hucho taimen) also called Common taimen is the most widely distributed and best known taimen. This is also the most prized taimen trophy. It spawns in spring, right after rivers clear of ice. Siberian taimen can exceed 1.5 meters in length (60 inches) and 100 kilograms in weight (220 lbs). It inhabits rivers with clean water, gravel or stony bottom and large, flowing, cold-water lakes and it never migrates to sea. It frequently stays in the pools and deep holes, under steep shores and in the mouths of tributaries. The area of distribution is very wide, extending from the Ural mountains to the Pacific Ocean and from the Arctic Ocean to Northern Mongolia and China. Siberian taimen can be caught basically in all Siberian rivers and large lakes: Norilsk, Zaysan, Teletskoye and Baikal, as well as in some rivers in the north of Mongolia and China. The cases of catching taimen were noted in some rivers of the European part of Russia. With the autumn temperature drop the taimen migrates into the deeper, not freeze through rivers. Taimen lives longer than other Salmonidae, up to 50 years and more and continuously grows during the entire life. Most rapid growth occurs during the first 10-13 years, when its length increases annually by 8-10 centimeters (3-4 inches). Maturity is reached on the 5-7 year of life.

Young taimen usually stays in small groups of 3-7, adult in pairs or as singles. Larger congregations of taimen are observed sometimes prior their migration into the lower streams of the rivers jus tbefore winter; during this period very deep holes can have up to 10-15 large specimens.

The activity of taimen into the summer-autumn season is subjected to very specific fluctuations. It is most high soon after spawning. With the offense of the hot weather, when water becomes warm, which happens often in the slower flowing rivers of the South Siberian and Northern Mongolian planes, taimen become sluggish. In the opinion of some fishermen, a drop in their activity at this time is also caused by the painful process of replacing the teeth. Therefore during July and first half of August catching large taimen in Mongolia and Southern Siberia is rather difficult. Nearer the end of August taimen becomes more active, and during September in anticipation of ice formation it becomes very active and even aggressive." Extract in quotes taken from Hunting, Fishing and Adventure Travel in Russia

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