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Fishing The Bay Of Pukavik, Baltic Sea, Sweden

A Pukavik Guide Service Photo

Bay of Pukavik, Baltic Sea, Sweden

Giant Atlantic salmon migrate into the Bay of Pukavik from the Baltic Sea. The once thriving fishery is now threatened. Read on...

"The Baltic is a young sea and one of the world’s most extraordinary for the beauty and variety of its marine environment and surrounding landscapes. The Baltic Sea is home to many species of plants, animals and micro-organisms in a great variety of different habitats. Most of these are at risk from human activity, and many Baltic fish populations are now dangerously low. Among the main threats the region faces are: eutrophication; pollution by hazardous substances including pesticides; heavy metals and industrial wastes; habitat destruction; the use of harmful fishing equipment; and the introduction of alien invasive species." Extract in quotes taken from Threatened Baltic Overview/Profile, Fisheries Management and Ecology

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A Pukavik Guide

Jan Olssen, Swedish Angler, Writer, IGFA Record Holder


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