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Great Barrier Reef
Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Australian Black Marlin


"Only an elite group of the many fishing hotspots
around the world consistently hold trophy fish"

Over seventy percent of our planet is covered with water. Under the surface of this vast expanse are many prime holding places for the worlds sport and game fish. Trophy fishing locations stand out for various reasons; be it plankton rich water, like that of the North Caribbean, or excellent structural habitat created by a reef like Australia's legendary Great Barrier, there is something special about each of these prime fishing spots. Perhaps it's the oxygenated waters of dams like the Nicajack or Tinaroo. It could be the turbulent freshwater flow of a river like Alaska's Kenai, or the mighty Niagara, drawing the strongest of their spawning brood. Then again it might be the near perfect combination of genetics, climate and forage as in the case of the incredible California largemouth bass fisheries. As well, some cool remote northern lakes of North America or Canada might have the magic it takes to grow trophy fish in other species. One thing is for sure; only an elite group of the many fishing hot spots around the globe consistently hold trophy fish.
Based on studies of world-renowned fisheries and International Game Fish Association Records, we have narrowed the list down to 150 potential record setting locations with good prospects for most game fish of the IGFA. While some destinations are more regional, others may be quite specific and legendary. Learn which trophy species are lurking at each location, and hear directly from the most qualified local charters and guides. Check out credited trophy and world record photographs. Read quotes from the very best informational websites. Learn from informed biologists and fishing experts about the state of each fishery. We've even added a list of the 50 most visited fishing forums on the Internet! Assembled here are many of the premier informational sources for the most outstanding fishing locations on the planet. Are you ready for your tour of the world's best fishing spots? Let's go fishing...

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Trophy Fishing Locations
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The Following
Fishing Planet Earth Hot Spots
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These Are The Best Fishing Spots in The World!!
We Feature The Number One Fishing Outfitter, Guide or Charter Service In Each Location!!

-Luanda, Angola, Africa--Patagonia, Argentina--Cairns, Australia--Exmouth, Australia--Moreton Island, Australia--Port Stephens, Australia--Swansea, Australia--Lake Tinaroo, Australia--Carinthia, Austria--Bimini, Bahamas--San Salvador, Bahamas--Challenger Bank, Bermuda--Rio Negro, Brazil--Guapore, Brazil--Vitoria, Brazil--Athabasca River and Lakes, Canada--Edye Pass, British Columbia--Elbow River, Alberta--George River, Canada--Georgian Bay, Ontario--Great Bear Lake, Canada--Kugaaruk River, Canada--Magdalen Islands, Canada--Meaford, Ontario--North River, Ontario--Osprey Lake, Canada--Putahow River, Manitoba--Saint Lawrence River, Canada and USA--Saskatchewan River, Saskatchewan--Scott Lake, Canada--Iquique, Chili--Salinas, Ecuador--Lake Nassar, Egypt--Canvey Island, England--Padstow, England--Plymouth, England--Pirou, France--Lake Saint Cassien, France--Lake of Grefeern, Germany--Main River, Germany--Holsteinsborg, Greenland--Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India--Munster Blackwater, Ireland--Rusinga Island, Lake Victoria, Kenya--Nouadhibou, Mauritania--Black River, Mauritius--Baccarac Lake, Mexico--Cabo San Lucas, Mexico--El Salto Lake, Mexico--Mayor Island, New Zealand--North Island, New Zealand--Parengarenga Harbor, New Zealand--White Island, New Zealand--Pinas Bay, Panama--Parana River, Paraguay--Cabo Blanco, Peru--Horta Faial, Portugal--Madeira, Portugal--San Juan, Purto Rico--Hout Bay, Republic of South Africa--Port Elizabeth, Republic of South Africa--Keta River, Russia--Sherbro Island, Sierra Leone--Orange River, South Africa--Canary Islands, Spain--Bay Of Pukavik, Sweden--Lake Vattern, Sweden--Krassio Dam, Thailand--Atlantic City, New Jersey--Big Stone Lake, South Dakota--Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida--Cape Cod, Massachussetts--Cape Fear River, North Carolina--Lake Castaic, California--Catalina Island, California--Lake Champlain, New York and Vermont--Cook Lake, Wyoming--Delaware River,--Diamond Valley Lake, California--Dixon Lake, California--Lake Erie,--Everglades, Florida--Flint River, Georgia--Folsom South Canal, California--Lake Francis Case, South Dakota--Gloucester, Massachussetts--Greers Ferry Lake, Arkansas--Groton Pond, Connecticut--Homestead, Florida--Honker Bay, California--Hudson River, New York and New Jersey--Indian River, Florida--Irvine Lake, California--Islamorada, Florida--James River, Virginia--Jupiter, Florida--Karluk River, Alaska--Kenai River, Alaska--Key West, Florida--Kissimmee Lakes Chain, Florida--Kobuk River, Alaska--Kodiak Island, Alaska--Kona, Hawaii--Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri--Laguna Beach, California--Lake Logan Martin, Alabama--Lake Mahopac, New York--Martha's Vineyard, Massachussetts--Melton Hill Lake, Tennessee--Lake Michigan, Indiana and Wisconson--Mill Pond, Wantagh, New York--Mississippi River,--Mobile Bay, Alabama--Montauk, New York--Montgomery Lake, Georgia--Niagra River, New York--Nickajack Resivior, Tennessee--Noatac River, Alaska--Ogunquit, Maine--Lake Ontario, New York and Canada--Orange Beach, Alabama--Lake Ouachita, Arkansas--Outer Banks, Cape Hatteras, North Carolina--Palm Beach, Florida--Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho--Pickwick Lake, Tennessee--Pine Flat Lake, California--Plum Creek, Wisconsin--Pyramid Lake, Nevada--Saco, Maine--Lake Sam Rayburn, Texas--Sandy Hook, New Jersey--Santa Ana River Lakes, California--Santa Monica Bay, California--Lake Shawnee, Virginia--Spinney Mountain Reservoir, Colorado--Spring Lake, California--Suwannee River, Florida--Tampa Bay, Florida--Tennessee River,--Virginia Beach, Virginia--White River, Arkansas--Wind River Range, Wyoming--Yuba Reservoir, Utah--Caura River, Venezuela--Cinaruco River, Venezuela--El Placer Bank, Venezuela--Paragua River, Venezuela--Pasimoni River, Venezuela--Zaire River, Venezuela--Zambezi River, Zimbabwe-

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