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B - K
Barramundi - Kokanee

Lake Tinaroo, N Queensland, Australia

-Bass, Largemouth-
Castaic Lake, California, USA
Diamond Valley Lake, California, USA
Dixon Lake, California, USA
El Salto Lake, Mexico

-Bass, Rock-
Lake Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

-Bass, Shoal-
Flint River, Warwick, Georgia, USA

-Bass, Smallmouth-
Pickwick Lake, Tennessee, USA
Lake Champlain, New York and Vermont, USA

-Bass, Spotted-
Pine Flat Lake, California, USA

-Bass, Striped (landlocked)-
Melton Hill Lake, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA
Lake Ouachita, Arkansas, USA
Bull Shoals, Arkansas, USA

-Bass, White-
Lake Orange, Orange, Virginia, USA
-Bass, White Tip-

-Bass, Whiterock-
Greers Ferry Lake, Arkansas, USA

-Bass Yellow-
Canyon Lake, Arizona, USA

Homestead, Florida, USA

Lake Kissimmee, Florida, USA
Lake Champlain, New York and Vermont, USA

-Buffalo, Bigmouth-
Lake Sam Rayburn, Jasper, Texas, USA

-Buffalo, Smallmouth-
Lake Sam Rayburn, Jasper, Texas, USA

-Bullhead, Black-
Mill Pond Wantagh, Long Island, New York, USA

-Bullhead, Brown-
Lake Mahopac, New York, USA

-Bullhead, Yellow-
Big Stone Lake, South Dakota, USA

Black River Bay, Lake Ontario, USA

-Carp, Common-
Lac de St. Cassien, France
St. Lawrence River, Ontario, Canada

-Carp, Grass-
Lake Ouachita, Arkansas, USA

-Catfish, Blue-
James River, Virginia, USA
Mississippi River, Arkansas, USA
Nickajack Dam, Tennessee, USA

-Catfish, Channel-
Irvine Lake, Irvine, California, USA

-Catfish, Flathead-
Cape Fear River, North Carolina, USA
Pickwick Lake, Mississippi, USA

-Catfish, Redtail-
Xingu River, Brazil

-Catfish, Sharptooth-
Lower Orange River, Kakamas, South Africa
Zambezi River, Republic of South Africa

-Catfish, White-
Groton Pond, East Lyme, Connecticut, USA

-Char, Arctic-
Noatac River, Alaska, USA
Kugaaruk River, NWT, Canada
George River, Quebec, Canada

-Crappie, Black-
Lake Logan Martin, Alabama, USA

-Crappie, White-
Cape Fear River, North Carolina, USA

-Dolly Varden-
Noatak River, Alaska, USA

Parana River, Ayolas, Paraguay

-Drum, Freshwater-
Nickajack Dam, Tennessee, USA

-Gar, Alligator-
Lake Sam Rayburn, Jasper, Texas, USA

-Gar, Florida-
Florida Everglades, Florida, USA

-Gar, Longnose-
Flint River, Georgia, USA

-Gar, Shortnose-
Lake Francis Case, South Dakota USA

-Gar, Spotted-
Tennessee River, Alabama, USA


-Grayling, Arctic-
Carinthia, Austria
Great Bear Lake, NWT, Canada

Carinthia, Austria

Kobuk River, Alaska, USA

Spinney Mountain Reservoir, Colorado, USA


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