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Fishing El Salto Lake, Mexico Photo

El Salto Lake, Mexico

This is a prime Largemouth Bass lake where future records are expected.

"When someone thinks about Mexico bass fishing, it's a safe bet they're thinking about the well-known trophy bass lake, Lake El Salto. Lake El Salto has produced more double-digit weight bass than any bass lake in the world.

Covering 25,000 acres during the rainy months, the lake is about 20 miles from the coast and approximately 550 feet above sea level. Lake El Salto was formed by the damming of the Elota River in 1986. The water is crystal clear and the lake has a maximum depth of about 140 feet.

Lake El Salto has thousands of bass that are easily caught all year on a variety of lures, including crankbaits, spinners, and worms. The lake record is an 18 pound bass caught in 2002, but catches ranging from 8 to 16 pounds are not uncommon. " Extract in quotes taken from Mexico Bass Tours

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