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Fishing Orange River, South Africa

IGFA Photo, Pending Sharptooth Catfish Record

Orange River (Lower), South Africa

Fish for record Sharptooth Catfish, Small and Largemouth Yellowfish, and Mirror and common Carp, as well as at least ten other species on the Lower Orange River.

"The sharptooth catfish, although native to South Africa is in fact an alien species to many of the waters of the Western Cape, it is proving to be a highly invasive predator. It can now be found in many waters where it does not naturally occur. It can tolerate water conditions of low clarity, low oxygen and even pollution making it available to anglers who don't have easy access to other species or distant waters. The sharptooth catfish grows very large and offers the flyangler with a legitimate and strong fighting quarry, usually within easy distance of urban centres. Large popping bugs, large streamers and baitfish imitations are best. It can be fished for in waters where is occurs naturally as well, such as the Orange Rive, Vaal River and the like. Ugly but a great fighting fish. Successful flies include large woolly buggers, woolhead mullet, floating frog patterns, the half chicken, carp bugger, marabou streamers. Flies that push water are an advantage when water clarity is low." Extract in quotes taken from The Cape Piscatorial Society

River Destiny Lodge

Orange River Lodge

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