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Therapeutic Christpheresis  
Research and Trial



In his basement laboratory, Katt has learned how to replicate traditional apheresis1  methods using a series of sterile household appliances and other power tools. Katt found that blood components obtained by apheresis can be studied for Christian qualities.2  UnChristian components can then be isolated and destroyed, leaving only the Christian components.

Secular therapeutic apheresis uses blood or one of its components to treat disease.3 Therapeutic Christpheresis uses Christpherized blood to treat dysfunctions of Christianity, or the absence of it.  

Research Trial4
Trial Findings: Inconclusive  
Research Status: Ongoing  

A sample of three consenting adult Christian subjects and eight  white mice received Therapeutic Christpheresis treatments.

Adult Christian Subject 1 (C1) was dropped from the  study after the subject revealed that his/her motivation for participating was the $15 compensation. It was also determined that C1 was in fact a pagan animist posing as a Christian and would therefore skew the results of the study.  

C2 reported headaches and slightly higher incidences of doubt and backsliding, but also reported an increased feeling of well-being and love for others. Further trials are necessary to determine whether these effects were the result of therapeutic Christpheresis or C2ís recently finalized divorce.  

C3 felt only positive effects from Christpheresis treatments. The effects began almost immediately and increased after each treatment. C3 is now attending a seminary college via correspondence and has rededicated his/her life to Christ.  

Of the eight white mice (M1 through M8), seven died before the completion of the study. M3 and M4 showed brief signs of increasing Christianity before dying. M7 escaped during the first Christpheresis treatment and is presumed missing.  

Apheresis, both Christian and secular, is the process of separating whole blood into its components.

2 While it is generally assumed that blood is either Christian or UnChristian, this is incorrect. The blood of any given person, with the possible exception of Jesus Christ, is a mixture of both Christian and UnChristian components. In proven Christians, however, Christian elements take predominance over UnChristian ones, and vice versa. The transfusion of Christian blood that has not been through Christpheresis is therefore a safe process, given that Christian blood components will outnumber UnChristian ones. This said, the transfusion of distilled, Christpherized blood remains the ultimate goal of Fluids for Christ.

3 For more information on secular apheresis, see This reference does not imply endorsement of the work of, nor their endorsement of Fluids for Christ.

4 The Therapeutic Christpheresis trial was not approved by any governmental entity.

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