Madchild | Prevail | Moka Only | Rob the Viking

Hail from: Vancouver, BC, Canada

How'd it come together?: Madchild met Prevail in Vancouver when Madchild came up for a visit from San Francisco. The two hooked up at a B-Boy conference in San Diego. At a party, the two started rhyming together, and thought that it'd be cool to record something.

What albums does Swollen Members have out?: Balance(1999), Bad Dreams(2001), Monsters in the Closet(2002).

Whats the deal with Battleaxe Records?: Machild founded the company in 1996, and still runs it. They didnt want a label controlling their work. They'll always be independant.

Where's the name from?: Moka Only suggested the name while they were drunk in denny's.

How many Junos do they have?: 3. One for each album.

Who have they worked with?: The List