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September 19, 2004

Ok i've decided to stop doing this site now that there are forums and a proper swollen members website available. also i dont have the webspace to have every picture of swollen on here so people go to other sources for those anyways. i think the only thing worth a look on this site is the lyrics, but i dont feel like going through a song and copying down the lyrics anymore so i wont be doing anything about that anymore. anyways, thanks for viewing the site, and keep up your fandom of Swollen. cya on the boards perhaps. - Paladin

June 5, 2004

I've changed the lyrics page. the names of the songs have been seperated into two categories: songs that were on Balance, Bad Dreams, MITC and Heavy and the second is for songs that were not on those. I've also added lyrics for Claustrophobic, Pregnant and Go For Mine. I've taken down the lyrics myself so as usual, take a look and try to fill in the ???s and fix any errors.

June 4, 2004

Swollen is going to be featured on Fat Jack's new album, Cater to the DJ 2. There is a sample of the song up on I've updated the page for songs that werent released on an SM CD. I've also added these songs plus North Star on the list of songs that i need lyrics for. I've also added a page for Lyrics of Fury 3 under the albums subsection.

May 26, 2004

Lots of new shit.

We'll start with the lyrics. I've added them for Battle Axe Experiment, Committed, Concentrate, Endangered Species, Remember the Name and Therapy. If there are errors, make sure to email me so i can make the changes. I've also added a list of songs that i need lyrics for here.

you may be wondering what the limits are for lyrics to go on my site. well, it goes like this. I tend to seperate SM with Moke's solo stuff except for any solo efforts on a SM CD. i include prevail and madchild's solo stuff. i've only included To Make Millions from Code Name: Scorpion because this is a SM fansite and not a CNS fansite (even though that album is dope and i am a fan) and both Madchild and Prev are on that track.

Now for some tour news. i read that SM put on a good show at Watson Lake (which is a given). I've updated the tour dates page with new dates for Edmonton and Grande Prairie (the webmaster seems to think that the show is in Grand Prarie but i've done some research including consulting the dictionary in my brain and i know different). They seem to be skipping the Stampede for some reason). Also, for Van-city fans, remember that the Van Tat Convention begins in 2 days and goes to the 30th.

also, i've started a fanart page for those of you who would like your drawings, etc, featured on my site. so far, i've only got one (a good one) from PrevWon.

remember to send in links, articles, interviews, etc.

May 20, 2004

Hey. Long time no read, eh? well, since last time i came on here, the Heavy Instrumentals cd has been released (has been added to the albums page) and battle axe records has constructed a messageboard/forum here. I've also added a link up at the top of this page.

Ok here's some other good news. In the "coming releases" section of the BA website, they have samples from lyrics of fury 3 for a new Swollen track and a new prevail solo track.

March 18, 2004

yo. new tour dates for surrey and vancouver in the tour dates section.

March 7, 2004

I've just read that there are two tour dates: one for Victoria and one for Watson Lake. The info is in the Tour Dates section.

March 6, 2004

Hey kids. I added 8 pics of Moke.

March 5, 2004

Ok, to all of you 13 year old girls who like madchild and constantly demand that you get some more pics of madchild (i on the other hand like him for his skills), there are 13 new pics of him. in total, i've added 46 new pictures of our heros. i got them from the new update at if you noticed that i missed one, alert me and i'll put it up right away. also, if there is a link that goes to the wring picture (i think i got it all right), please tell me and i'll fix it. the pics can be accessed through the pictures section of the site and in their respective sub-sections.

March 4, 2004

Hey everyone. There's a new link in the links section: Tony Cipriani's got some mp3s over here that you can check out.

My view on mp3s: Although i believe that the industry is ripping music listeners off with high prices and crappy quality music of most artists, i also believe in supporting the artists that produce high quality product. So. support SM and buy their shit. furthermore, though, i never buy (although i now trust SM to produce good shit, so i dont bother d/ling anything before buying any SM albums now) an album unless i've listened to a majority of the songs from it in the form of mp3s. downloading mp3s after watching lady venom on Much was the start of my fandom.

i've also removed one of the fansite links, as it seems that it went down. oh well, mine's the only one that matters ;)

March 3, 2004

Hey kids. just to let ya know, i'm still running this, but there's really nothing to put up on the site. if you've got something, please send it in! anything is welcome.

I've created a new poll so go and vote. the results from the album poll were 42% for Bad Dreams, 26% for MITC, 21% for Heavy and 10% for Balance. I think this is kind of weird, especially that Heavy got a higher rating than balance. I voted for bad dreams.

the only other changes i've made since last update is that Jamie sent in some changes to the flawless lyrics and JRR posted some changes (although his entire repair job didnt appear) to the lyrics for the hidden track on Heavy on the guestbook (in the future, please send any site material to me via email). thanks to Jamie and JRR.

December 27, 2003

Hey everyone. i've added 4 more song's lyrics: Adrenaline, Ambush, Burn it Down, and the bonus track that comes on Heavy. apparently there is no title for it, so i've called it "Heavy Bonus Track". later

December 26, 2003

Hey everyone. i hope you had a great Christmas, and also that you're having a great Boxing Day.

First off, Zack is selling 2 magazines featuring Swollen. I've already got them, but if anyone else is interested, he's selling them over eBay here.

I've added a lot of stuff today, including 7 reviews (all for heavy except one for balance and one for bad dreams), 4 articles and lyrics for Chewin Concrete. Everyone take a look at the lyrics and make sure that i've got them right. also, there are a few places that i couldn't decipher what the boys were saying. Corrections are welcome (and expected).

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