Welcome to the missing links!!!  Ok, so they aren't exactly missing, but below we display various web site links sent to us or chosen through our web travels.  If you would like to see your page advertised here send us an e-mail to Pathetic Mail.

Grey and the Mighty Trout. (Beware stupid fools, the fish will be your bane.)

One fish to thwack them all.

Ye Olde RPP Site (Not the first, but where we left)

The RPP formerly occupied as

8legged entertainment (cooking with an octopus, no he's the one cooking)

Mmmmmmm Taco...

Weird AL (The Master of Parody music)

how weird is he....

Homestar Runner (Home of Trogdor the Burninator)


Fellowship of the Really Pathetic (A blog ring hosted by xanga, run by RPP)

We represent the web loggers...

Classic Battletech (A great tabletop game and huge source of RPP talent and fans)

When mechs collide...

Club Mech: Hellbent and Uncensored (A more mature forum for battletech fans)

not for wee mech warriors




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