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Welcome to the Staff Page and Site News section.  Come here to contact any of the staff members for Really Pathetic Productions or check out the latest site updates. We are always looking for more people with a unique sense of humor so feel free to contact me or Eric to see what you can add to our parody.

May Tidings fans of Really Pathetic Productions... and good news for the future! After giving it some thought I've decided to change the way we update each week. For years we've followed the weekly updating format and while it worked when we had limited content, as the site has grown it has become increasingly difficult to keep this going without missing chances to get things done in that ammount of time. To try and keep things on a decent flow the site will be updated in two or more phases during a bi-weekly period. What this means is that I will still update the Web comics each week (try being a key word of course), but update the rest days later, in order to break up the time spent. This way you still get something somewhat regularly and then get a chance to return to see what else we get done more often. Also, the Web comics should sometime this summer themselves undergo changes to streamline the navigation process. I have not ignored your requests to make this easier and with some very appreciated help will deliver our same hilarity the best way possible. That said I would highly appreciate hearing from you as often as possible what you think of our content, I know many of you enjoy it, but hearing it from you makes us feel even more like our time is well spent. That said, enjoy the content and thank you.

The weekly stickmata premeirs a rejected sequel to how to train your dragon.

All My Hexes is shows why Jim Henson never did mech warfare and Block It takes on the baroness and destro.

Really Pathetic News Network: In news a fundamentalist group blames the detrimental flooding that happened in states like tennessee and mississippi recently on Quentin Tarantino, In sports bullfighting once again suffers controversy, In entertainment we review Wits & Wagers-Family as well as Iron Man 2 and in opinion we learn what sex ed with evil dead would be like.

The Weekly Random Photo is a bit more risque than it may at first appear.

Enjoy the pun times!

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