Really Pathetic Productions Store and Donation Center

Welcome to our store and donation center. Since we aren't rich and most of us are in college or working for peanuts we need a little funding now and again. The store is officially open, but our inventory will be limited to t-shirts for at least a while.  We will also only be selling Stickmata t-shirts until we deem it necessary to open a more complex store. To order a t-shirt, simply send an e-mail to Pathetic Mail, pick the Stickmata design of your choice, tell us the specifics (color/size of shirt) and when we have confirmed your order send payment by clicking here

.  We have chosen a donation function because all profits will go toward the improvement and maintenance of this site. Thanks for helping us out.

Here's an example of how a rpp t-shirt may look:


Front                                                        Back

Side note: Initially, we will be using an Iron-on technique to print t-shirts ourselves.  Should our shirts prove popular enough, we will find a business to print them for us.



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