Welcome RPP Fans to the healthy side of stick figure art...well at least stick figures doing healthy things...some of them....well, you get the idea.  Anyhoo, we hope your enjoy these sticks as much as we did making them  If you would like to buy a t-shirt with one of these sticks send an e-mail to :  pathetic mail  .  That's about it really.  We mean it. 



Marathon Stick

How many roads must a stick run down?

By, Eric Allen


Power Stick

Drink. You know you want to.

By, Paul Mann


Yoga Stick

A bit of a stretch

By, Eric Allen


Veggie Sticks

Pass the dressing.

By, Erin Schank


Steroid PSA

Not a good idea.

By, Paul Mann.


Wash your hands

Hey, all the sticks are doing it.

By, Eric Allen.



Better than that other stuff.

By, Paul Mann


Jenny Craigstick

Diet, the stick way.

By, Eric Schank



We'll hold the pun

By, Paul Mann


Unhealthy Stick

Don't take this sitting down!

By, Eric Allen


Pihydramedr... Food.

It's all about eating.

By, Erin Schank


Sticks at the Gym

Doing stuff....healthy stuff.

By, Paul Mann




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