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Gundam Pilot Zero Six Page of FanFiction

"History is much like an Endless Waltz. The three beats of War, Peace, and Revolution continues on forever."

Quote of the Update!
"Please see those documents if you wish to know the full performance requirements or if you're a hopeless insomniac."



Okay, this sites gonna might get a mass overhaul for many things. One is to redo everything for fanfiction. Two is to put up my mass collection of Anime pics and do some reviews. Three is to do links to anime sites that I approve of(which takes mass skill). Four is to shut this bloody thing down cause now my IE refuses to work while trying to update this one little thing! I dunno, it all depends on how it works out.

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I have to recognize Emby Quinn(?) for the little icon buttons of above. It came off of her KiSS jewerly maker and makes really neat icons.

Hello. I'm
Quatre Raberba Winner.
Since Krista was kind enough
to adopt me,
I have promised to
always watch over her
and guard her from sorrow.
Are you satisfied?

Adopted at Dragon Tears


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