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Bishi Page

A young boy walked in... Well, not really young, just about seventeen. His shoulder length brown hair was pulled back into a small ponytail and his deep brown eyes flashed in the light. He wore a silvery-aqua-marine and white suit, completed with a cape attached to his shoulders. "Good day, I am Universal Knight Neptune, other wise known as another form of Nathanial Night in the Sailor Moon Universe."

He sighed. "I am not included in the Character pages because I have requested not to be, but I felt that I should do something, so I volunteered to do the Pocket Bishonen and Pocket Bishojo . Here are what many of the characters caught, though it was mostly Kris-san and Lana-san catching them. Look through if you want, but don't save them as your own. If we find out, well, just hope we won't."

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Official Trainer and Catcher!

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