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A young man blinked his brown eyes, running his fingers through his brown hair, letting it fall back in front of his eyes and brushing the tops of his ears. He looked up from his laptop and smiled. "Kon'nichiwa. I am known as Seth Nathanial- Kenney Jones. I am the creator of many life forms and the owner of a multi-dimensional building in Universe Two known as Complex B.

"Anyway, if your train of thought has not fully derailed, crashed, exploded, or just plain stopped, hopefully, you'll understand me. This page will have numerous(I hope) fanfics of different types. I think my Mind has begun to comprehend the meanings of HTML tags and so if I can figure out how to change the back ground, it will happen... hopefully...

"This is the beginning of a new world for me, so hold on." -SNKJ

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