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Who The Hell Are These People?!

Kris blinked her silver eyes in surprise. "You want to know who the hell we are? My, you're unusual. I finally got the list and linking done, hopefully they all work. These characters will be seen throughout the pages, and it does not include the list of the already made characters, just mine and a friend's original characters. Oh, and all pics were drawn by Alec-san, but his pic was drawn by Seth-san, so please be gentle when judging our drawing ability."

The Multi-Dimensionals

Seth Jones E-chan Tenjou Author Alec Treen* Alex Treen* Sarah-sama* Tsunami* Kati-sama Kiriyuu* Zee 3* Sapphire Universic* Naito Tora* Gundam Wing Characters Krista Esan* Kento Masaki Dr Nathanial Night The Five Female Admirals of Silver Strikers Ronin Warrior Characters Lana Vampirra* Nakano Kyouichi

* marks profiles with pictures

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