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Anime Lyrics

Okies. Kris here. I finally decided to put up some of the anime lyrics I have. I got Gundam Wing and Revolutionary Girl Utena into two different categories, but I've combined BubbleGum Crisis and some other into one category ^^

Anywho, some of the lyrics are almost impossible to find the translations to, such as Quatre's "Brave Eyes" and Revolutionary Girl Utena's "Missing Link" yet I have them. The light corn flower blue is romanji Japanese and white is the translated. Anyway, enjoy!

Gundam Wing

Just Wild Beat Communication
White Reflection
Rhythm Emotion
Rhythm Generation
Even If You Smile--Heero Yuy
Wild Wing Boys--Duo Maxwell
Clown--Trowa Barton
Brave Eyes--Quatre Raberba Winner
Grasp The Truth--Chang Wufei