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You want to submit a FanFiction of some odd kind???

Kris blinks her large silver eyes and looks around the dark room. "You want to submit a fanfiction? Oh my... Well... umm... this is sorta unexpected... Oh... SETH!!!"

The brown haired Genius Writer walks in, wearing pajama pants and a slightly open button up shirt, revealing his flat stomach. "Yes Kris?" he yawned and blinked.

Kris sweatdropped. "Umm, Seth, We have company and I need you to sorta explain the fanfiction submit rules."

Seth shrugs and sits down. "So you have actually found this strange, odd site, see that you can submit a fanfic of somekind, and you are brave enough to email me. Now you are ready to face Lana when she goes into full vampire mode."

Kris hit Seth upside the head and knew he was going to be in for later when E-chan comes after her. "Anyway, hopefully the links and rules below will work and Seth might get a few emails."

Rules of the All Powerful FanFiction Submitting!!!

Rules to Regular FanFiction Submitting

Rules to SongFic FanFiction Submitting

Rules To List Submitting

Rules To Submitting More Types of Rules/Types of FanFics

Rules to FanFiction Submitting:

Here are the Rules to a regular fanfiction type of submitting:

  1. Write the type of story it is(e.i. Ronin Warriors, Gundam Wing, Star Wars, etc) in the subject of the email
  2. Attach it to the email
  3. Write your pen name in the actual letter.
  4. Write the rating next(e.i. PG, PG-13, R, etc)
  5. Then a description
  6. Then click here for further instructions

Rules to SongFiction Submitting

Here are the rules... again.

  1. Write type of anime/fic it's of
  2. Pen name...
  3. Description
  4. What Song
  5. Rating(if any)
  6. Attach to email
  7. Click here for further instructions

Rules to List Submitting

Here we go again

  1. Pen Name
  2. Type of List(be sure to say a "New List" if one of it isn't posted)
  3. Attach to email
  4. Click here for further instructions

Rules for Submitting rules

This is the last for now

  1. Write the rules down in the email
  2. Be sure to include name, you shall get credit
  3. Write what the rules are too
  4. Click here for further instructions

Email to

Kris smiles, half asleep, and yawns. "That should be the rules. . . I think." The small girl pushes her floor length white braid over her shoulder, curls up into a little ball, and falls asleep.

A young seventeen year old girl with waist length brown hair and deep blue eyes walks up and smiles at the small form. Then she smiles at the reader. "I'm Sarah-sama, Seth's younger, year old sister. Through some time warp of the universal cross over, I can be this age. You shall see me through somethings so don't be surprised."

Sarah-sama bends over and picked up the smaller girl. The braid snakes over Sarah-sama's shoulder, not touching the ground since she is a good foot taller than Kris. The lights turn out completely, leaving the reader in total darkness, except for the words sayingGo Back To Main