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Love and Mischief

Cupid's Little Helper
When Strife interfers in a wedding, some very influential people are not pleased, and he is sentanced to work with Cupid to fix things. Strife finds himself growing closer and closer to the God of Love. Can Cupid help Strife overcome a dark incident in his past, and find love?

Tha Birds, An' Tha Bees, An' All That Othah Good Shit
Cupid and Strife are together. Bliss has two daddies. What could be more perfect? How about a little bundle of joy? Strife makes a great step-dad, but he's about to get a brand new perspective on parenting, and he does not do discomfort well.
What A Difference a Deity Makes
When last we left our intrepid little family, its newest and eagerly awaited member had just made her debut. This story follows the first year in the life of Impetua (fondly known as Imp): Goddess of Jealousy and Envy, and how her daddies cope with all the joys and terrors of parenthood.
Seeking Balance
A side story to the Love and Mischief Series
The Love and Mischief Series, Ares and Joxer are an established couple, with a child. This is the story of how that came about.
Deity by Day
Accord's first year of life--one day at a time.
A little double drabble. Someone is pregnant, and is not a happy camper.
Hercules had problems with Joxer's pregnancy, and Strife's. He's about to get a lot more sympathetic.
Mine's Better Than Yours
Rivalry leads to Olympus' first ever Best Lover Pageant. *rolls eyes* Dignity--always dignity.
Sticky Situation
This was written for Echo, an AJCS listsib. Cupid... Strife... peanut butter. I threw in Imp for free.
Childhood Sweethearts
Bliss and Accord have been best friends since before Accord was born. It's only natural that they take that next step, isn't it?

Strife shares one of the simpler physical joys with his family.

The Dangers of Bullying
You really shouldn't bully the vulnerable--especially if you don't know who they're related to.
Just Another Myth
The origin of a certain mythical creature, well known to all fanfiction writers.
Can't Get It Out of My Head--Dammit
If you haven't had this happen to you before... Well, you must be living in an outback with no electricity for radio or television.