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For those of you who are frustrated by suddenly running into an unfinished end.

Mary Sue Fanfiction

Mary Sue--The generic name for any new character (usually female) who's a ego-stroke for the writer: she's beautiful, has amazing skills/powers, gets into a love affair with an existing character, or (usually) all of the above. Mary Sues often convince characters to hook up romantically, especially in slash. Good writers can write good Mary Sues, but this is not the norm. See fangirl and avatar for other variations. (From The Fanfiction Glossary)

Or, as some others call her, 'Spawn of Satan'.

Yeah, well... *insert long, juicy raspberry here* Mary Sue does not have to be hatefully perfect, and she damn sure isn't when she's my Mary Sue. Anyway, you've been warned, so if you can't handle it, skip this page. Don't bother to send flames because I've dared to let these stories off my hard drive. This is my site, I can do what I want. *nyah* Last time I looked, I wasn't holding a gun to anyone's head (though I could probably come up with a list, if pushed).

Buffy Mary Sue
Mozell thought she'd found the perfect job. Exoterica was run by an intriguing oddball named 'Ephraim' *coughcough*, who took a special interest in chaos, and selling items that would encourage it. She doesn't believe in that sort of nonsense, until...
The Proverb Series
A trip through one woman's MarySue universe. One author, dozens of horny characters. You do the math.
Oh, Bugger!
or Why Do I Never Get Flowers Unless I'm In the Hospital?
Maniacal MarySues written as emotional therapy after my many accidents.
Stranger In A Strange Land
A Marysue romp through the Xenaverse.  For some reason Ares has snatched Scribe into ancient Greece.  Can she figure out why while dodging horny gods and demigods, and working as a matchmaker for a certain dorky, but sweet, wannabe warrior?

CSI: Gorgeous Stud, or Someone Else With the Initials G.S.

A MarySue romp with my favorite sexy lab rat--Greg Sanders, of CSI. And I'm even going to throw in some plot, how's that? I spoil you guys.
Career Girl Blues

Scribe Mozelle, a typical (or not so typical) fan girl finds herself marooned in an Alternate DC Universe, and discovers that there was a hell of a lot going on between the panels in those comic books. Is she corrupting them, or are they corrupting her? Yes, another Mary Sue. Seeing a pattern here?
And Which Reality Is This Again?

When they cast Alan Rickman as Severus Snape, a Mary Sue trip to the Potterverse was pretty much a forgone conclusion, so here it is.
What's turning out to be my darkest Mary Sue so far. Scribe is the new Literature teacher at Sunnydale, offering to help the Scoobies, intrigued by Angel, and involved in a tentative flirtation with Giles. Then Angelus manages to gain control of Angel once again, and he is very interested in Teacher.
Blazing Fanfictions
All hail Mel Brooks--comic genius. Scribe pops into the Blazing Saddles universe to correct Mel's oversight of not having Jim and Bart at least kiss. Oh, and she plans on introducing smutty fanfiction. *thud* Someone pick up the schoolmarm...
A list for anyone who likes to write or read Mary Sue fanfiction.

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