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Completed Stories and Works In Progress
For those of you who are frustrated by suddenly running into an unfinished end.

Slash Fanfiction

Stories from My Mongoose Ezine
Sentinel stories from My Mongoose Ezine

The Learning, Leather, and Love Series
This is Chase and William's story.  Can a semi-flaming self-proclaimed Mid-western nancy boy find happiness with a wealthy, slightly older Dom corporate success?  You damn betcha.

The Swingers Series
A series exploring the romantic adventures of Jim and Blair as they prove the falicy of the statement 'three's a crowd'.

Mission: Jaws of the Jaguar
A Mission: Impossible/X Files crossover.

Child of the Night
A slash retelling of the gothic romance, Dracula. A 'mental movie', complete with 'cast' gallery.

Not the One
An alternate storyline to Child of the Night. What if Jamey Roswell, the boy who kissed Jonathan on his birthday, hadn't made a tour of the continent, but had instead returned to school, and turned his attention to Jonathan?

This banner created by Patt Rose.  Thanks Patt
This series, each story based around a poem, follows the developing relationship of Fox Mulder and Alex Krycek, of the X Files.

The Slash Fanfiction In Joke Series
Humorous X Files vignettes illustrating slash fan fiction 'in jokes'.

Love and Mischief
Xena: Warrior Princess Slash
Cupid and Strife--a cute couple.

Radar's First Time
Naive Iowa farmboy, Walter (Radar) O'Reilly is gently seduced by his superior, Sergeant Raymond Shaw, who will go on to be The Manchurian Candidate.

Return a Man: Radar and Ray
Sequal to 'Radar's First Time'. The continuing story of the romance between Walter (Radar) O'Reilly and Sergeant Raymond Shaw.
Someone Outside
Special Agent Dana Scully begins a dangerous obssession that will take her to the dark side of desire, and drive her to the edge of madness.
Verliebt In Einen Jungen Wolf
In Love With a Young Wolf

A Gabriel Knight/The Sentinel crossover. There is a werewolf loose in Germany. Two very different men fall prey to the curse, and fight for their very sanity, and souls.

The Sicilian Slash Series
Slash based on The Godfather Trilogy.

The Sweet End of the Lollipop
A slash take on the classic Jack Lemmon/Tony Curtis comedy 'Some Like It Hot'.

Miscellaneous Slash
Other slash, both humorous and serious.

Patt's Dreaming of Sentinels Page. Fanfiction and art.