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Completed Stories and Works In Progress
For those of you who are frustrated by suddenly running into an unfinished end.

Let's get the technical stuff out of the way first.


And now the site contents

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"Do not meddle in the affairs of slashers, for you are cute, and would look good with another guy."
Slash Fiction
Slash is fiction, original and fanfiction, that involves relations between members of the same sex. Here you will find stories based in many different fandoms, and also original works (including the stories of Clive, the Leather Hairdresser).

Mary Sue Fanfiction

Why the candy picture? Because Mary Sue stories are generally considered guilty pleasures. Well, I'm hangin' mine right out in front of everybody. Read my romps with my favorite characters from televison, movies, and books. That's right--I get all the boys (the cute ones, anyway).

Original Fiction

Completely original works of fiction, including many works in progress. Here there be politically incorrect romance and dark fantasy.

Family Stuff

That's right--I can write stuff suitable for the entire family. Be warned--cute ickle puppies and kitties inside.

Serious Poetry

Free verse and classic rhymed poetry--some with adult themes.


Funny fiction, poetry, and odds and ends (lists, rants, etc.)

Other People's Stuff

To my utter astonishment, some people have found inspiration in my original works, and have created some wonderful art and fanfiction based around it. I present it here, with their permission.
All you sweet people who have sworn that you were going to buy one of my books when they were published... Well... *cheesy grin* here's your chance to get a jump on things. If the spirit moves you, you can drop a couple of bucks in my Paypal account (yes, it takes credit cards *she said guilelessly*. I promise to spend it on necessities--like delivery pizza and Diet Pepsi. Oh, and Internet connection bills.

Care to listen to my innermost thoughts, rants, and ramblings?

Want to see where I hang out?

And a few lists and such. First, my personal list--the one that gets all my output.
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And an update list for this site.
Lookit, Lookit--New Stuff

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And finally, a list dedicated to the most scorned, but most pervasive damsel in fanficdom--Mary Sue. Don't know who Mary Sue is? Come find out.

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