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For those of you who are frustrated by suddenly running into an unfinished end.

Original Fiction

Professor, Professor
or the Blossoming of a B and D Romance

A moving-toward-middle age virgin finds herself in a kinky relationship with her handsome, abrasive, much younger creative writing professor. Gives new meaning to the phrase 'hot for teacher'.

Not Quite Your Typical Family
Introducing the Vrai-Trattburg family. They're... a little different

Zima Feeley, a disaster shelter consultant, is stuck with the client from hell--a self-involved Hollywoood mogul. The job has one perk--meeting a sexy, interested star--but then... something hits the fan. WIP
It's a Gift
The darker side of retribution.
Prequel to 'The Three Sisters' Series
The origins of 'The Three Sisters'. How they became what they are. Work in progress.


Second book of 'The Three Sisters' series. Focuses mainly on 'eldest sister' Acacia. A violent, stuck-in-the-sixties, man hater. The Three Sisters are enlisted to protect a young woman from a stalker, who was responsible for her parents' murders many years before. In progress.

Sabine Woman
During a bank holdup, a woman is kidnapped to be the capture bride  of a modern-day mountain bandit.
Genteel Obsession
Since his childhood, wealthy sociopath Stephen Honeywell Baxter has been obsessed with 'hiders': butterflies, and women, who survive by blending into their environment. Mina O'Connel has made her way through life by fitting in, and going unoticed. Stephen just noticed. Work in progress.

Final Guardian
For too long the children have been neglected, abused, violated, and exploited, but someone has been watching. Someon cares. And they've had enough.

Now those who have managed to slip through the cracks in the legal system are facing a much more final form of justice from the Final Guardian. Work in progress.

Roman Enlsavement

Mozelle really shouldn't have taken a nap on that ancient Roman altar, but how was she to know that the Roman goddess of Strife and Dischord would take offense, and decide to make her life miserable, if not downright dangerous?
A time travel fantasy.

Roman Enlightenment
Sequel to Roman Enslavement
Lupus follows Mozell back to the future. How will he deal with modern life, and will he be able to change his attitude enough to win her?
There's Someone For Everyone
Suppose, just suppose, that someone really understood Jason Voorhees--even loved him? Once upon a time there was a strange little girl...
This is actually fanfiction, but I didn't know where else to put it, since it isn't slash.

'Dillo Talk
Retired Texas Ranger Hank Crank and his clue sniffin' armadillo, Chill Pill, investigate nefarious goings-on at BLAB!--an all talk television station.

Beach Fantasy

A woman spends a week at a beach house with her colleagues from an erotic magazine--including one very sexy, very interested younger man.
Mixed Up
Who's to say that being off in your own world is a bad thing?
Artistic Growth
Even the deadliest artist needs to grow and change
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