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It's official--I'm not just the only person who sees slash everywhere. Admen are jumping on the bandwagon, sending out (sometimes obviously intentional) slash vibes. You know me--I had to jump on them.

Afternoon Delight
A bit of a tease at lunchtime, in the office. Wendy's Chicken Strips.

Clear Connection
The story that started it all. Someone noticed the chemistry between the Sprint Guy and the Verizon Dude, and I thought they belonged together, too.

Mission Statement
This turned into a sort of mini-series. The Verizon/Sprint relationship from the other side.

Quoting Elvis
No relationship is perfect, not even Guy and Dude's

Better Change
From the Ford Avalanch commercial. Sometimes mis-hearing can lead to great things.

Glove Love
Apparantly clothes have feelings, too. Arby's Ovenmitt and Hamburger Helper Glove.

Kiss In the Dark
Bailey's Irish Creme has provided a fertile field. Shenanigans in a bar.

Kiss In the Light
Another Bailey's, this time at a pool game.

Made for Each Other
From the Nissan Altima 'daredevil' ad and the 2004 Grand Prix 'salt flats' ad. Some people are just fated to be together.

Making Orange
Some sweet M&Ms slash. For an explanation of the title, remember how you use your primary colors to mix secondary colors.